Number 3, 1987

«Forms Preceding Capitalist Productions by Karl Marx and Some Aspects of the Rise of Political Organisation

pp. 3-12

The Phenomenon of Communication from the Viewpoint of Ethnopsychology (Formulating the Problem)

pp. 12-23

To the Ethnographic Study of Individual’s Vital Activity (the Case of Traditional Abkhazian Culture)

pp. 23-34

Traditional Authorities and Colonial Chiefs in East Africa (Problems of Terminology and Typology)

pp. 35-44


Ethnography. Its Place in the System of Social Science, Main Currents, Methods

pp. 45-60

From the History of Ethnography

A. N. Genko’s Contribution to Ethnographic Study of the Caucasus

pp. 61-79


Once Again on the Tasks of Ethnography in Developing, Implanting and Perfecting Socialist Rituals

pp. 73-80

Ethnic. Attitudes in Mate Selection (an Analysis of Marital Advertisements in the Cities of Ufa find Cheboksary)

pp. 80-90

The Folk Art of Wood Carving in the Guzul Area (South-West Ukraine)

pp. 90-99

The Study of Russian Folklore in Japan

pp. 99-105

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Role of Totemic Symbolism in the Potlach among the Tlingit

pp. 106-114

Our Anniversaries

List of Principal Works by T. V. Staniukovich, Doctor of Historical Sciences, in Ethnography and Museology (to the 40th Year of Sholarly Activity)

pp. 115-117


The Activities of the Order of People’s Friendship Institute of Ethnography, USSR Academy of Sciences, in 1986

pp. 118-124

Academic Life

An All-Union Conference on the Results of the 1984— 1985 Field Studies in Ethnography and Physical Anthropology

pp. 125-133

A Session of the Council of the Institute of Ethnography in Memoriam A. N. Genko

pp. 133-134

A Methodological Seminar in Leninakan, Armenia, on Folk Dance in the USSR

pp. 134-136

A Visit of the Floating Museum «Pauline» to Arkhangelsk

pp. 136-139

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 139-140

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Western Sovietologists on Ethnic Relations and Ethno-Cultural Processes in Middle Asia (Soviet Central Asia) (1970ies— 1980ies)

pp. 141-149

New Belorussian Studies in Ethnomusicology

pp. 149-152

General Ethnography

A. D. Stoliar. The Origin of Imitative Arts

pp. 152-155

Peoples of the USSR

Peoples of the Volga-Ural Region (Essays in Historical Ethnography)

pp. 155-157

Problems of Historic-Cultural Contacts in Northern Caucasus

pp. 158-159

M. N. Makalatiya. Cattle-Breeding in the Highlands of East Georgia

pp. 159-161

Abazinian Folk Tales

pp. 161-162

«The Melodies of Our Clan»

pp. 162-165

Peoples of Europe Outside the USSR

O. A. Gantskaya. Polish Family

pp. 165-166

V. Chaykanovich. A Dictionary of Serbian Folk Beliefs Connected with Plants

pp. 167-169

N. A. Krasnovskaya. The Origin and Ethnic History of the Sards

pp. 169-170

Peoples of Australia

A Bibliography of Australia

pp. 170-172