Number 1, 1988

Peoples of the Volga-Ural Historical-Ethnographic Region: Patterns of Ethno-National Development under Soviet System

pp. 3-15

Adaptability of Ethnic Cultures and Ethno-Cultural’ Types of Personal Self-Determination (Formulating the Problem)

pp. 15-27

Defining the Concept of Popular Religion in a Traditional Civilization (the Case of China)

pp. 27-39

The Naga Concepts of Vitality (the Problem of Substance-Related Element in Animistic Beliefs)

pp. 40-49


Discussing Yu. V. Bromley's and M. V. Kriukov's Article «Ethnography: Its Place in the System of Social Science, Main Currents, Methods»

Some Comments on Yu. V. Bromley’s and M. V. Kriukov’s Article

pp. 50-55

Soviet Ethnography Needs Perestroyka

pp. 55-62

On Ethnography’s Subject-Matter in the Light of System Analysis

pp. 62-69

Editorial Comment

pp. 69-70


Problems of Studying the Daily Life of the Working People in the Magdeburg Plain

pp. 71-81

Mezen’ Distaffs (Exploring the Origin of Mezen’ Ornament)

pp. 81-97

On Amaterasu Goddess Appearing in the Japanese Pantheon

pp. 98-109

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Colorado Indians

pp. 110-119

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by M. M. Gromyko, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to the 35th- Anniversary of Her Scholarly Activity)

pp. 120-122

Academic Life

An All-Union Learned Conference «Ethnography and Spreading Ethnographic Knowledge»

pp. 123-126

The 18th Conference of Australian and Oceanian Studies

pp. 127-131

A Symposium «Problems of Reconstructing the Ancient Slavic Spiritual Culture»

pp. 131-133

A Learned-Practical Conference «Historical Study of Local Lore in the Schools of the Chuvash Autonomous Republic: Experience, Problems and Prospects»

pp. 133-135

Learned Readings «Ethnography of Petersburg — Leningrad»

pp. 135-137

Local Museum Workers Trained in the State Ethnographic Museum of Soviet Peoples, 1984—1987

pp. 137-140

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 141-143

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

The Journal «Schweizerisches Archiv fur Volkskunde* and Some Problems of Contemporary Swiss Ethnography

pp. 144-150

General Ethnography

V. P. Alexeyev. Ethnogenesis

pp. 151-158

T. V. Gamkrelidze, Vyach. Vs. Ivanov. The Indo-European Language and the Indo-Europeans. Vol. I—II

pp. 158-162

Peoples of the USSR

M. M. Gromyko. Traditional Behavioural Norms and Forms of Communication among XIX Century Russian Peasants

pp. 162-164

A. I. Musukayev. On Highlander Customs and Laws

pp. 164-165

Folk Theatre of Soviet Peoples

pp. 165-166

Peoples of Non-Soviet Europe

R. Volcănescu. Mitologie română

pp. 166-169