Number 4, 1988

On the Diversity of Ethnography’s Historical Traditions

pp. 3-13

A Strategy of Synthesis in Studying Ethnogenesis (Interdisciplinary Integration and Source Synthesis in Solving the Problems of Ethnogenesis)

pp. 13-23

Reconstruction of Ethnogenesis by the Data of Linguistics and Archaeology: Problems of Methodology

pp. 24-38

V. N. Tenishev’s «Peasant» Programme and Some Results of Its Implementation

pp. 38-49

Sri Lanka: Ethnic Conflict and Problems of National Culture

pp. 49-61


The National Problem in the USSR: Current State and Prospects of Research

pp. 62-72

Discussing V. V. Pimenov’s Article «Training Professional Ethnographers: The Problems of Perestroika»

pp. 72-86


Woman in Old Russian Family (X—XV centuries)

pp. 87-98

The Kalmyk Funeral Rite (XVII—XX centuries)

pp. 98-110

Siblingship, Male and Female Power in the Central and Western Carolines

pp. 110-116

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Bon, a Japanese Fold Festival

pp. 117-128

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by Ye. N. Studenetzkaya (to the 50th Anniversary of Her Scholarly Activity)

pp. 129-131

Academic Life

Main Ethnic Aspects of Physical Anthropology. A Session Devoted to the 95th Anniversary of V. V. Bunak

pp. 132-138

The 34th Congress of Yugoslavian Folklorists

pp. 138-139

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 140

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

The Main Trends in Soviet Ethnographic Studies of Oceania, 1961—1986

pp. 141-150

General Ethnography

K. V. Chistov. Folk Traditions and Folklore. Theoretical Essays

pp. 150-154

Peoples of the USSR

The Socio-Cultural Aspects of Soviet Nations (by the Data of an Ethno-Sociological Study)

pp. 154-158

V. M. Mokiyenko. Images of Russian Speech

pp. 158-160

The Folklore of Russkoye Ustye

pp. 160-162

M. B. Kandelaki. From the Social Customs of Georgian Highlanders — The Institution of Amanatstvo

pp. 162-164

Peoples of Non-Soviet Europe

Dějiny hmotné kultury

pp. 164-166

Peoples of America

L. A. Fainberg. Deceptive Paradise (Man in Tropical South America)

pp. 167-169

Letters to the Editorial Board

Three Questions to the Editorial Board of the Journal «Sovetskaya Etnografiy»

pp. 170-172

From the Editorial Board

pp. 172