Number 1, 1989

Looking Ahead to the CPSU Central Committee Plenary Session on Improving Interethnic Relations in the USSR

A Joint Session of the Learned Council of the Institute of Ethnography, the USSR Academy of Sciences, and the Interdisciplinary Council on Studying Ethnic Processes

On Developing Ethnic Problems in the Light of the Resolutions of the XIX Party Conference

pp. 4-18

Review of Comments

pp. 18-25

A Joint Session of the Interdisciplinary Council on Studying Ethnic Processes and the Ethnic Sociology Section of the Soviet Sociological Association

Ethnic Groups within the System of Interethnic Relations in USSR

pp. 26-41

Interethnic Relations and Contemporary Tasks of Ethnic Sociology

pp. 41-47

Review of Comments

pp. 47-48

The Constituent Session of the Ethnic Politics Section of the Soviet Sociological Association

pp. 49-50

Multinational Society (Contemporary Ethnic Relations in the USSR and the Tasks of Research

pp. 51-57

Review of Comments

pp. 57-58


The National Problem and Ways of Its Solution

pp. 59-73

On the Concept of Perestroika of Interethnic Relations in the USSR

pp. 73-89

Editorial Comment

pp. 89-90


Russian Folk Culture and Folk Religion

pp. 91-100

Black-White Intermarriage in the US

pp. 100-110

From the History of Ethnography

Ivan Ivanovich Zarubin (1887—1964)

pp. 111-121


Mathematical Methods in Soviet Ethnic Geography

pp. 122-127

Paleoanthropological Material from Armenian Burial Grounds and the Genesis of the Population of the Kura-Arax Culture

pp. 127-134

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Reflections on the Abkhazian Folk Culture

pp. 135-143

Our Anniversaries

List of Scholarly Works by E. M. Melelinsky, Doctor of Philological Sciences (to His 70th Birthday)

pp. 144-148

Academic Life

An All-Union Seminar-School «Methodology and Techniques in Studying Ethnic History»

pp. 149-153

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Finnich Ethnography on Everyday Peasant Life under Capitalism

pp. 154-160

General Ethnography

Revolution in Science and Technology and Ethnic Processes

pp. 161-164

Peoples of the USSR

Ethnography of the Eastern Slavs. Sketches of Traditional Culture

pp. 164-168

S. M. Chervonnaya. The Art of Tataria

pp. 169-170


I.R. Grigulevich

pp. 171-172