Number 6, 1989

National Processes Today

On Some Concepts and Terms Relevant to National Problems

pp. 3-17

Humanitarian Problems of Soviet North

pp. 17-29

What is Our Idea of Restoring the German Autonomous Republic

pp. 29-35


Topical Problems of Siberian Studies

pp. 36-46

Ethnic Symbols in Ukrainian Material Culture

pp. 46-54

Semantics of Ursine Ongons

pp. 54-67

Fundamentals of Ethnic Psychology as Viewed by G. G. Shpet

pp. 67-75


Physical Anthropology and Urbanization

pp. 76-89

From the History of Ethnography

From the History of Russian-American Cooperation (Jesup North Pacific Expedition 1900—1902)

pp. 90-99

New Materials on the History of First Soviet Ethnographic Expedition to the Yamal Peninsula (1928—1929)

pp. 100-108


Family Lists of Tiflis Province of 1886 as Ethnographic Source

pp. 109-117

«Gudi» Ethnonym on Geographic Map — Searching for Historical Motives

pp. 118-122

New Data on Old Rapanui Language

pp. 122-125

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works on Folklore and Ethnography by K. V. Chistov, Corresponding Member of the Academv of Sciences, 1979—1989 (to His 70th Birthday)

pp. 126-128

List of Major Works on Folklore and Ethnography by B. N. Putilov, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Late 1978—1988 (to His 70th Birthday)

pp. 129-130

Academic Life

Ethnic Politics: Current State and New Approaches (Annual Session of the Ethnic Politics Section of the Soviet Sociological Association)

pp. 131-133

International Colloquy cSoviet Anthropology and Traditional Societies» in Paris

pp. 133-141

19th Scholarly Conference of Studying Australia and Oceania

pp. 141-144

Exhibition of State Ethnographic Museum of Soviet Peoples on Cuba

pp. 144-148

International Conference in Greece «Museum and Development»

pp. 148-151

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 151-152

Criticism and Bibliography

General Ethnography

V. P. Darkevich. Medieval Folk Culture

pp. 153-156

Languages of Culture and Problems of Interpretability

pp. 156-157

Peoples of the USSR

Ethnic Development of Northern Peoples in Soviet Period

pp. 158-160

K. V. Chistov. Irina Andreevna Fedosova. A Historical-Cultural Essay

pp. 160-161


In Memoriam Valentin Konstantinovich Gardanov

pp. 162-165

Index for 1989

pp. 166-172