Number 2, 1989

Looking Ahead to the CPSU Central Committee Plenary Session on Improving Interethnic Relations in the USSR

A Session of the Interdisciplinary Council on Studying Ethnic Processes

pp. 3

Ethnic Change and Language Situation in Estonia

pp. 4-17

Review of Comments

pp. 18-24

Ethnic Processes in the USSR and Some Aspects of Soviet Population Cencuses

pp. 24-35


Clan Organization in the Socio-Economic Structure of Class Societies

pp. 36-45

Substantiating the Methods of Studying Ancient Ethnic and Cultural Contacts (the Case of Ethno-Cultural Links of South-Eastern and Central Europe with the Armenian Highland and the Southern Caucasus)

pp. 45-55

An Age-Long Argument. Settlement Structure as an Ethnic Sign (the Case of Russian North)

pp. 55-70

From the History of Ethnography

M. K. Azadovsky and the Performer Problem in the Russian Folklore Studies (XIX—XX c.)

pp. 71-81

Ethnography in Museums

On Modern Principles of Acquisition for Ethnographic Museums

pp. 82-93


Food of the Ukrainian Population in Bashkiria

pp. 94-104

Traditional Beliefs and Concepts among the Greeks of Adzharia (the Ancient Sources of the Images of St. Elijah and St. George)

pp. 105-115

Demographic Characteristics of a Primate Horde as a Model for Studying Early Hominides

pp. 115-122

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

An Investigation 120 Years After

pp. 123-129

Academic Life

A Conference of Ukrainian Lore Collectors

pp. 130-133

Central-Asian and Caucasian Readings Dedicated to the 80th Birthday of Ye. N. Studenetskaya

pp. 133-135

A Festival of Ethnographic Films

pp. 135-137

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 137-140

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by A. O. Viires, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 70th Birthday)

pp. 141

List of Major Works by N. V. Kocheshkov, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 60th Birthday and 25th Anniversary of His Scholarly Activity)

pp. 144

Criticism and Bibliography

General Ethnography

Ethno-Social Aspects of Family Studies among the Peoples of Non-Soviet Europe

pp. 147-149

Ancient Apparel in Eastern Europe

pp. 150-152

Peoples of the USSR

Ethno-Social Problems of the City

pp. 152-155

M. K. Azadovsky. Siberian Pages: Essays, Reviews, Letters

pp. 155-158

D. A. Granin. A Leningrad Catalogue

pp. 158-160

Ethnographic Materials in the Series «Monuments of Azerbaijanian Material Culture»

pp. 160-161

Peoples of America

Archaeology of Cuba

pp. 161-163

Peoples of Oceania

Myths, Legends and Tales of Western Polynesia

pp. 163-166


In Memoriam Lev Yevgenyevich Kubbel’

pp. 167-172