Number 3, 1989

National Processes Today

Ethnic Problems in Leningrad and the Leningrad Region

pp. 3-12

Discussing V. A. Tishkov’s Article «On the Concept of Perestroika of Interethnic Relations in the USSR»

pp. 12-18

A Session of the Ethnic Politics Section on the Future Status of the Crimea

pp. 18-28


Ethnography and Studying Political Traditions

pp. 29-39

Pre-Islamic Religious Syncretism among the Vainakhs

pp. 39-48

A New Set of Anthropological Indices for Plastic Reconstruction

pp. 48-59


Discussing V. V. Pimenov’s Article «Training Professional Ethnographers: The Problems of Perestroika»

pp. 60-69


Calendar Festivals of Russian Urban Dwellers in West Siberia in the First Half of the XIXth Century

pp. 70-81

The Chuvash Folk Art: Current Situation and Prospects

pp. 81-89

Contributing to Paleoethnography of the Northern Caucasus: The Data’of Narrative Sources and Pictorial Arts

pp. 90-101

Ancestor Cult and Ethnic Stereotypes of Behaviour among the Burmese

pp. 102-109

Folk Poetry Genres in Japanese Calendar Rites

pp. 109-118


The Work of the Institute of Ethnography, the USSR Academy of Sciences, in 1988

pp. 119-126

Academic Life

The XII International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

pp. 127-139

An All-Union Session on the Results of Anthropological and Ethnographic Research of 1986—1987

pp. 139-144

Some Results of a Seminar «Ethnic Aspects of Power in Contemporary World»

pp. 145-147

A Problem Exhibition «Man and His Environment: Settlement and Dweling in Eastern Europe»

pp. 147-151

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 151-153

Our Anniversaries

List of Scholarly Works by R. G. Kuzeyev, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 60th Birthday)

pp. 154-158

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Ethological Studies in Ethnology (Britain, West Germany, USA)

pp. 159-166

General Ethnography

Food in Change. Eating Habits from the Middle Ages to the Present Day

pp. 166-169

Peoples of the USSR

T. A. Bernshtam. Youth in the Ritual Life of Russian Community (XIX—early XX c.). Sex and Age Aspects of Traditional Culture

pp. 169-171

On interethnic Relations in the USSR Today

(A Statement of Academic Ethnographers Issued at a Session of the Learned Council of the Institute of Ethnography on May 4, 1989)

pp. 172-173