Number 6, 1988

National Processes Today

Time to Eliminate «White Spots»

pp. 3-15


Studying Mentalities: Social History and the Search for Historical Synthesis

pp. 16-25

Evangelization of Russia and Pagan Traditions

pp. 25-34

Adaptation of Russian Old-Settlers in Azerbaijan (Mid 19—20 c.)

pp. 34-49

Life Cycle Rituals and Social Stratification. Family and Childhood

pp. 50-64


Discussing V. V. Pimenov’s Article «Training Professional Ethnographers: The Problems of Perestroika»

pp. 65-81

From the History of Ethnography

Fr. Ruysch and his Anatomic Collection in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography

pp. 82-87

Ethnography in Museums

An Ethnographic Lecture: Methodology and Organization (the Experience of the State Ethnographic Museum of Soviet Peoples)

pp. 88-97


Armenian Family in Diaspora

pp. 98-104

Decorative Peculiarities in the Ukrainian Folk Costume of the Late 19 — Early 20 c. as Studied by Ethnography

pp. 105-121

The Problem of «Tukhum» Endogamy in Daghestan

pp. 121-126

Urban Population of the Uzbek Portion of the Fergana Valley: Changes in the Ethnic Structure in Soviet Time

pp. 126-134

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Origin of the «Karagoz»-—the Anatolian Puppet Theatre

pp. 135-147

Our Anniversaries

List of Works by D. D. Tumarkin, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 60th Birthday)

pp. 148-151

Academic Life

A Readers’ Conference of the «Sovetskaya Etnografiya» in the State Ethnographic Museum of Soviet Peoples

pp. 152-153

A Soviet-Finnish Symposium on Social-Economic Problems

pp. 153-155

The Third International Conference of the Committee on Ethnographic Study of Pictorial Arts

pp. 155-157

A Field Session of the Leningrad Department of the Institute of Ethnography, the USSR Academy of Sciences

pp. 158-159

The First Finno-Ugrian Readings

pp. 159-162

The Work of the Slav Ethnogenesis Section, Leningrad Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences Learned Council on Slav and Balkan Studies

pp. 163-165

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 166-167

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Personalities in Science (on the Occasion of A. A. Nikishenkov’s Book «From the History of English Ethnography. A Critique of Functionalism»)

pp. 168-176

General Ethnography

Yu. V. Bromley. Ethno-Social Processes: Theory, History, Modernity

pp. 176-178

Peoples of the USSR

O. S. Lukyanetz. Russian Researchers and Moldavian Ethnography in 19 — Early 20 Centuries

pp. 178-180

Peoples of Africa

A. S. Balezin. African Rulers and Chiefs in Uganda

pp. 180-183

Index for 1988

pp. 184-188