Number 3, 1988

The Christianization of Russian Peasants

pp. 3-15

V. N. Tenishev’s Theoretical Views

pp. 15-27

Culture and Everyday Life in Ethnically Mixed Families (from the Data of a Study in the Rural Areas of the Tatar Republic)

pp. 27-36

The Phratry’s Historical Place in the Structure of Social Links: the Case of the West-Siberian Ugrians

pp. 36-47

Contemporary Ethnic Situation in the Hawaii

pp. 47-64


Training Professional Ethnographers: the Problems of Perestroyka

pp. 65-71

From the History of Ethnography

O. Argunov’s Unpublished Work on the Northern Ainu

pp. 72-83


Ethnic Factors in the Use of Labour Resources

pp. 84-88

Ethnos in the Fiction of the Peoples of the Volga-Ural Region

pp. 88-99

Wild Plants in the Bashkir Food Habits

pp. 99-109

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Origin of the Eskimo: Is an Alternative Hypothesis Possible?

pp. 110-118

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by L. A. Molchanova, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to the 40th Anniversary of Her Scholarly Activity)

pp. 119-121


The Work of the Order of People’s Friendship Institute of Ethnography, USSR Academy of Sciences, in 1987

pp. 122-130

Academic Life

The 17th All-Union Finno-Ugrian Conference

pp. 131-135

A Symposium on Armenian Communities in the West and in the Third World

pp. 135-138

A Learned-Practical Conference on the Modern Situation of Folk Artistic Trades

pp. 138-141

Norwegian Ethnographers-Museologists Visit Arkhangelsk

pp. 141-142

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Shamanism, Culture and Ethnic Contacts in Eurasia

pp. 143-151

General Ethnography

V. R. Kabo. Primeval Pre-Agricultural Community

pp. 151-154

Peoples of the USSR

The Byelorussian Ethnography (in Byelorussian)

pp. 154-157

The Cattle-Breeding Economy of the Kurds in Eastern Armenia

pp. 157-158

T. H. Akopyan, S. T. Melik-Bakhshyan, O. H. Barsegyan. A Toponymic Dictionary of Armenia and the Adjacent Areas. T. I

pp. 158-161

Peoples of Non-Soviet Europe

Bulgarian Ethnography (in Bulgarian)

pp. 161-166

Zlatá podkova, zlaté pero, zlatý vlas

pp. 166-168

Peoples of Africa

G. S. Kiselyov. Pre-Colonial Africa. The Rise of the Class Society (the State of the Problem and the Prospects of Further Studies

pp. 168-171

V. Crapanzano. Waiting. The Whites of South Africa

pp. 171-173