Number 5, 1988

Problems of National Languages as Reflected in Social Consciousness (an Analysis of Letters to Central Newspapers)

pp. 4-14

Realization in a Juvenile Subculture

pp. 15-26

Prospects in Using the Data and Methods of Ethology in Physical and Social Anthropology

pp. 26-37

The Hound-Warriors. Male Secret Societies and Scythian Invasions in Asia Minor

pp. 38-48

From the History of Ethnography

Anthropologists in Making

pp. 49-59


Ethnolinguistic Situation and Ethnic Identity among the Greeks Living in the Tsalka District of Sovet Georgia

pp. 60-70

Ethno- demographic and Ethnolinguistic Processes among the Armenians of Georgia as Indicated by the Census Data of 1926—1979

pp. 71-79

Studying Traditional Methods of Organizing Living Environment (the Case of Rural Settlements in Azerbaijan)

pp. 79-85

The Image of Saint George in the Religious Beliefs of West Georgia

pp. 86-93

On the Formation of Ethnic Boundaries in Early Medieval Western Europe (the Case of Switzerland)

pp. 94-101

Some Evolutionary Aspects of Studying Facial Part of Scull in the Hominides (Problems of Physical Anthropology and Taxonomy)

pp. 102-109

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Eyak Indians and the Fate of a Russian Settlement in Yakutat

pp. 110-120

At the Crossroads of Genres

Conversations by a Treeа

pp. 121-131

Academic Life

Conferences of Young Researchers in the Institute of Ethnography. 1. Ethnographic knowledge: From Theory to Practice (1987); 2. Ethnography and Bordering Branches of knowledge (1988)

pp. 132-135

A Theoretical Seminar of Young Scholars «Approaches in Solving Current Na tional (Ethnic) Problems and the Role of Professional Ethnographers»

pp. 135-138

An Interdisciplinary Seminar «Local Subcultures as Components of Cultural-Ecological Sysems»

pp. 138-139

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

On Ethnic Situation in Middle Volga Region (XVI—XVII c.). A Critical Review of Hypotheses Concerning the «Yasak Chuvashes» of the Kazan’ Area

pp. 140-146

The Peoples of the North in Contemporary World. Views and Positions

pp. 146-151

General Ethnography

R. A. Hinde. Individuals, Relationships and Culture (in English)

pp. 152-154

A. Z. Romanenko. On the Class Essence of Zionism. A Historiographic Review of Literature

pp. 154-157

Peoples of the USSR

The Crimea: Past and Present

pp. 157-160

Peoples of Non-Soviet Europe

Y. Cuisinier, M. Segalen. Ethnologie de la France

pp. 160-163

Peoples of Australia

O. Yu. Artemova. Personality and Social Norms in Early Tribal Community (by Ethnographic Data from Australia)

pp. 163-165

Letters to the Editorial Board

The Turukhansk Hydropower Station and the Fate of the Evenkian Land

pp. 166-168