Number 4, 1989

National Processes Today


Reading Lenin (An Anthropologist Reflects on the Theory ol Nations)

pp. 5-19

On the Correlation between the Concepts ol Society and Ethnic Community

pp. 19-31

Republican Economic Sovereignty and Ways ol National Evolution (Traditions ol Centralism: Theoretical Argument about Practical Problems)

pp. 32-48

Discussing V. A. Tishkov’s Article «On the Concept ol Perestroika ol Interethnic Relations in the USSR»

pp. 49-57


Tradition ol Interlamily Links among the Uzbeks and Tadzhiks ol Central Asia (About the Occurrence of Kalim (Bride-Money) and Other Patriarchal Customs)

pp. 58-68

Ancient Agriculture in the South-West of the USA

pp. 69-77

From the History of Ethnography

The Centenary of the Chair ol Ethnography in the University of Kazan’

pp. 78-83


New Data about the Life ol M. D. Krivopolenova (To the 65th Anniversary ol the Narrator’s Death)

pp. 84-89

Folk Wrestling as an Element ol Russian Traditional Culture (XIX— Early XX c.)

pp. 90-101

Female Headgears ol the Oka Finns Dated by V—VII c. from the Nikitinsky Burial Ground

pp. 102-108

Historical Sources ol Some Ethnographic Plots in Daghestan

pp. 108-113

Lexico-Toponymic Data on the Ethnogenesis of Eastern Lezghins

pp. 113-120

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by E. L. Nitoburg, Doctor ol Historical Sciences (to the 40th Anniversary ol His Scholarly Activity)

pp. 121-124

Academic Life

An International Conference ol Students ol Korea

pp. 125-128

An All-Union Sociological Conference «Ways of Improving Socialist Mode ol Life under Perestroika»

pp. 128-131

An All-Union Conference «Problems of Ethnogenesis and Ethnic History ol the Peoples ol Central Asia and Kazakhstan»

pp. 131-140

A Symposium «Ethnographic Culture and Ethno-Cultural Processes: Forms and Methods of Interaction»

pp. 141-143

A Symposium «Ethnolinguistics ol Text: Semiotics ol Small Folklore Forms»

pp. 143-145

An Exhibition ol New Ethnographic Acquisitions»

pp. 145-148

Celebrating M. K- Azadovsky’s Centenary

pp. 148-150

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 151-152

Criticism and Bibliography

General Ethnography

The Evolution ol Human Behavior: Primate Models (in English)

pp. 153-156

V. A. Shnirel’man. The Rise ol Food-Producing Economy

pp. 156-159

Народы СССР

Interethnic Marriage in the USSR

pp. 160-162

L. N. Chizhikova. Russian—Ukrainian Border Area: Historv and Destination ol Traditional Culture (XIX—XX c.)

pp. 162-165

N. I. Mironets. Revolutionary Poetry ol the October Revolution and the Civil War as a Historical Source

pp. 165-166

M. A. Meretukov. Family and Marriage among the Adyg Peoples (XIX c.— 1970s)

pp. 166-168

A. S. Fedosik. Soviet Byelorussian Folklore Studies (in Byelorussian)

pp. 168-171

Peoples ol Non-Soviet Europe

V. P. Smirnov. France: Land, People, Traditions

pp. 171-172


In Memoriam Yevgenia Nikolayevna Studenetskaya

pp. 173-174