Number 1, 1990

National Processes Today

Interethnic Conflicts in the USSR (Some Approaches to Analysis and Practical Solution)

pp. 3-15

Meskhetian Turks: A Historical-Ethnographic Analysis of the Problem

pp. 16-24


Petrograd Soviet Organizations for Work among National Minorities in 1918—1921 (Problems and Trends)

pp. 25-38

On Ethnic Change in Abkhazia in XIX—Early XX Centuries

pp. 38-49

Racial Blending and Ethnic Identity among Indigenous Population of Kamchatka and Chukotka

pp. 50-65

The Myth of Earth Origin in Proto-Uralic Cosmogony: Reconstruction, Parallels, Evolution

pp. 65-74

The Matrilinearity Problem in Pre-Class and Early Class Society

pp. 75-85

From the History of Ethnography

Fedor Kondratievich Vovk (Volkov), a Biographic Sketch

pp. 86-95


Labor Camp Ethnography

pp. 96-108

Labor Camp Structure and Mental Archetypes

pp. 108-113


Ethnoecological Study of Local Nutrition Complexes among Russian Old-Settlers in Armenia

pp. 114-125

Main Currents in Modern American Ethnopsycholo- gy (Psychological Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Studies)

pp. 125-133

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by N. R. Guseva, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to the 40th Anniversary of Her Scholarly Activity)

pp. 134-137

List of Major Works by A. S. Mylnikov, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 60th Birthday)

pp. 137-141

Academic Life

Folk Artistic Traditions in Modern Art

pp. 142-145

The 11th All-Union Conference on Scandinavian and Finnish History, Economy, Languages and Literature

pp. 145-148

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 148-149

Criticism and Bibliography

General Ethnography

V. D. Lenkov, G. L. Silantiev, A. K. Staniukovich. The Commandor Island Camp of Bering Expedition (An Attempt of Complex Research)

pp. 150-151

A. S. Mylnikov. The Legend of Russian Prince (XVIII Century Russian-Slavic Links in the World of Folk Culture)

pp. 152-154

Peoples of the USSR

T. A. Nikolaeva. Ukrainian Folk Costum. Middle Dnieper Region

pp. 154-157

N. I. Savushkina. Russian Folk Drama and Its Artistic Originality

pp. 157-160

A Dictionary of Soviet Traditions, Feasts and Rites

pp. 160-161

Caucasian Ethnographic Collection. VII

pp. 161-164

Peoples of Non-Soviet Asia

I. G. Kosikov. Ethnic Processes in Kampuchea

pp. 164-167

V. M. C. Groenenda- el van. Way an g Theatre in Indonesia. An Annotated Bibliography (in English)

pp. 167-168

Kho Songmoo. Koreans in Soviet Central Asia (in English)

pp. 168-169

Letters to the Editorial Board

About a Publication of Pamirian Folktales

pp. 170-171