Number 5, 1990

National Processes Today

On the New Constitution of the U.S.S.R.

pp. 3-19

On Ethno-Cultural Reproduction in Soviet Republics

pp. 20-28

On the Problem of Ingush Autonomy

pp. 29-33


Small Ethnos: Problems of Ethnic and Social Policies (The Veps Case)

pp. 34-47

Reinforcing Free Cossack Communities in the North Caucasus in the XVI—XVII cc.

pp. 47-56

Cultural and Ethnic Continuity of Indigenous Peoples in the North of Europe. Some Anthropological Viewpoints

pp. 56-64

Planning Full-Size Life Careers. Consequences of the Increase in the Length and Certainty of Our LifeSpans over the Last Three Hundred Years

pp. 65-83


Dialectics of Gender in State Formation

pp. 84-97

From the History of Ethnography

I. K. Zelenov, a Researcher of Culture in the Kama and Ural Region

pp. 98-107

Leonid Ivanovich Lavrov, a Researcher of Caucasus Peoples

pp. 107-113


Traditional Ukrainian Female Head-Dress and Its Role in Wedding Rituals (Mid XIX—Early XX c.)

pp. 114-126

Remnants of Early Concepts of Nature in the Buryat Traditional Culture

pp. 126-132

Personal Names of the Tlingit Indians

pp. 132-141

Academic Life

A Congress of Small Peoples of the North. An Ethnographer’s View

pp. 142-146

A Conference «Problems of Studying Lithuanian Culture

pp. 146-148

The Scientific Conference Devoted to the 200-th Anniversary of Vardø (Norway)

pp. 148-151

An International Symposium in Florence «Collecting, Storing, Restoring, and Exhibiting Items of Traditional Apican Art»

pp. 151-152

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 153-154

Criticism and Bibliography

General Ethnography

Ethnographic Study of Semantic Patterns of Culture

pp. 155-157

R. G. Liapunova. The Aleut. Essays on Ethnic History

pp. 158-160

Peoples of the U.S.S.R.

A. I. Mikulich. Genogeography of Byelorussian Rural Population

pp. 160-162

Т. Dragadze. Rural Families in Soviet Georgia (A Case in Ratcha Province)

pp. 162-164

N. V. Kocheshkov. Ethnic Traditions in the Folk Decorative Art of the Soviet Far North-East

pp. 164-166


Yulian Vladimirovich Bromley

pp. 167-169

Alexei Ivanovich Robakidzei

pp. 170-173