Number 2, 1990

National Processes Today

Autonomy or Home Rule?

pp. 3-14

The Noghays — Ethnic and Cultural Problems

pp. 15-22

Ethno-Cultural Situation in the Karachai-Cherkess Autonomous Region

pp. 23-29


The Shaping of Contemporary Ethnic Situation in Northern Tadzhikistan

pp. 30-41

An Ancient Female Calendar

pp. 41-46

Interpreting the Kargopol Calendar-Embroidery

pp. 46-63

Totemistic Survivals and Tabooing among Arabian Tribes in VI—VII Centuries (by Ibn Hisham’s «The Life of Allah’s Messenger»)

pp. 64-75

Ethnic Notions of Bulgarian Scribes at the Early Time of the Ottoman Domination

pp. 76-85

Dermatoglyphics of the Population of South Arabia

pp. 85-95


Discussing L. Samoilov's Article «Labor Camp Ethnography»

How «Primitive» is Criminal Subculture?

pp. 96-100

A Subculture behind Bars

pp. 100-103


The Universe as Conceived by the Vainakhs and the Ossets

pp. 104-111

From the Life of the Ayanchins

pp. 111-115

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by B. V. Andrianov, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 70th Birthday)

pp. 116-118

Academic Life

An All-Union Conference on Preparing the Series «Peoples of the Soviet Union»

pp. 119-126

Two Conferences on Onomastics in Memoriam V. A. Nikonov

pp. 126-134

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 135

Criticism and Bibliography

General Ethnography

A History of Primitive Society. The Age of Class Formation

pp. 136-138

Yu. V. Pavlenko. Early Class Society: Genesis and Evolution Patterns

pp. 138-142

Ph.К. Boch. Rethinking Psychological Anthropology. Continuity and Change in Study of Human Action

pp. 142-144

Peoples of the U. S. S. R.

M. G. Rabinovich. Ethnographic Essays on Russian Feudal City. Idem. Russian Feudal City: Sketches of Material Culture

pp. 145-148

L. M. Rusakova. Traditional Pictorial Arts of Russian Peasants Siberia

pp. 148-150

Caucasian Ethnographic Collection. IX

pp. 150-153

Altyn-Aryg. The Khakass Heroic Epic

pp. 154-155

M. Beregovsky. Jewish Instrumental Folk Music

pp. 156-158

Ancient Physical-Anthropological Types on the Territory of the U. S. S. R. as Identified by Anthropological Reconstruction

pp. 159-160

Peoples of Non-Soviet Europe

Song Poetry of the Voivodina Gypsies

pp. 160-165

Peoples of America

J. Н. Moore. The Cheyenne Nation. A Social and Demographic History

pp. 166-167

Peoples of Africa

I. Ye. Sinitsyna. Personality and Family in Africa

pp. 168-169