Number 1, 1991

National Processes Today

Russian Ethnic Identity in the Context of Today: Ideology and Reality

pp. 3-13

On Current Tadzhik-Uzbek Interethnic Relations

pp. 13-24


Studying Russian National Identity: Experience and Prospects

pp. 25-33

Shaping Jewish Culture and Identity in the U.S.S.R.: The State as Social Engineer

pp. 33-43

Podolye as a Historical-Ethnographic Region of the Ukraine

pp. 44-55


Population Structure of Urban Dwellers (Comment on N. A. Dubova’s Physical Anthropology and Urbanization»)

pp. 56-59

From the History of Ethnography

New Facts about A. F. Gilferding (To His 160th Anniversary)

pp. 60-72


Delineating Historico-Cultural Zones and Ethnic History of North Russia

pp. 73-85

Anti-Drought Incantations among the Armeninas of Amshen

pp. 86-90

Semantics of Kazakh Decorations

pp. 90-102

Interpreting Early Medieval Chinese Ritual (The Case of the Celebration of the Third Day of the Third Month)

pp. 103-114

Kopt Textiles in Lvov Muzeum of Ethnography and Artistic Trades, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

pp. 114-119

Quest, Facts, Hypotheses

Puppet Performance on Water in Medieval China and Modern Vietnam

pp. 120-132

Academic Life

An All-Union Conference «Contemporary Problems of Ethnographic Museology»

pp. 133-135

Moscow Group of Local Lore Students

pp. 135-137

G. S. Vinognadov Readings

pp. 137-142

Minnessota Center for Immigration Studies

pp. 142-145

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 145-146

Criticism and Bibliography

Peoples of the U.S.S.R

Tautinis mentalitetas: istoriosofiniai apmastymai

pp. 147-151

Index for 1986—1990

pp. 152-173