Number 1, 1992


pp. 3-4

Reflections on the Development of Ethnological Knowledge

Soviet Ethnography: Overcoming the Crisis

pp. 5-20

The XXth Century: Ethnicity, Society, State

The Creation of National-Territorial Units in the Black-Sea Region and the Kuban

pp. 21-27

The Contemporary Ethnic Situation in Laos

pp. 27-39

Ethnological Theory

The Challenge of the Gift

pp. 40-60

Methods of Analysis

The Structural Analysis of the Ornament

pp. 61-71

Ethnographic Museums

How to Resolve the Problems of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography in St. Petersburg?

pp. 72-77

Ethnographic Museums in Addis-Ababa

pp. 78-88

History of Thought

N. S. Trubetskoy and the Phcnomen of So-Called Eurasian Ethnography (the Preface to the Publication)

pp. 89-92

On the Turan Element in Russian Culture

pp. 92-106

Recently Discovered Manuscripts

Mountain Shoria and the Shor People

pp. 107-118


B. O. Dolgykh: the Days and Deeds in the Life of a Devotee

pp. 119-129

The World as Seen by an Ethnographer

Dreams about Japan

pp. 130-141



pp. 142-145


Z. Brzezinski. Post-Communist Nationalism

pp. 146-152

S.A. Kan. Symbolic Immortality. The Tlingit Potlach of the XIX c.

pp. 153-155

Giovanni Tassoni.Aspetti del Folklore Padano

pp. 155-157

Academic Life. Congresses, Conferences

Symposiums in 1992

pp. 158

«Ismail Gasprinskiy — an Outstanding Educator and Humanist»

pp. 158-166

Interdisciplinary Seminar «The Anthropology of Violence and Peacemaking»

pp. 166

«On the Sources of Russian America»

pp. 166-170

«The Contemporary Ethnic Processes in the USSR and Yugoslavia»

pp. 170-172


D. M. Lang

pp. 173


pp. 174