Number 4, 1992

Reflections on the Development of Ethnological Knowledge

Ethnography: Does It Have a Future?

pp. 3-17

The 20th Century: Ethnicity, Society, Policy

The Rise of Nation-State under Religious-Political Dualism (The Case of Senegal)

pp. 18-28

Gender, Age, Marriage

Male and Female Age Initiations (A New Approach)

pp. 29-41

Matrimonial Peasant Traditions in South Russian Provinces in the Late 19th Century

pp. 41-50

Modes of Marriage and Ritual Behaviour of the South Altaians (Late 19th —Early 20lh Century)

pp. 50-57

Will an Argument Bear the Truth?

Comments on Z. P. Sokolova’s «Endogamy and Ethnos» («Ethnographicheskoe obozrenie» №3, 1992)

pp. 58-65

Ethnology: Ways of Development

Theoretical Aspects of German Volkskunde (Eearly 20th Century — 1933)

pp. 66-77

Portraits of Scholars

E. E. Blomkvist as a Student of Russian Ethnography

pp. 78-84

E. E. Blomkvist and Her Research on the Ural Cossacks

pp. 84-90

Discovering Old Writtings

The Prokofiev Family in Yanov Stan (Diaries from East Siberia in 1920s)

pp. 91-110

In the Eyes of Ethnologist

A Trip to Ile-Ife (1st Essay)

pp. 111-122

A Journey to Peruvian Amazonia

pp. 122-129

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by Sh. A. Bogina, Doctor of Historical Sciences (To Her 80th Birthday)

pp. 130-131

Congresses, Conferences, Symposiums

National Movement Patterns in Europe in 19—20th Centures

pp. 132-135

Modern Problems of Ethology

pp. 136-139

Folk Art: Problems of Today

pp. 140-143

Folk Culture of the Russian North: «Primary» and «Secondary» Elements. Traditions and Innovations

pp. 144-147

Written Monuments as Ethnographic Sources

pp. 147-150

Thesis Disputes

Theses Defended in the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology in 1991

pp. 151-158


Ethnocultural Development in the Volga and Ural Region in Soviet Time (Before the Mid — 1980s)

pp. 159-161

S. Lallukka.The East Finnic Minorities in the Soviet Union: An Appraisal of the Erosive Trends

pp. 162-167

P.H. Stephenson. The Hutterian People: Ritual and Rebirth in the Evolution of Communal Life

pp. 168-170


T. V. Stanyukovich

pp. 171-176