Number 6, 1991

The Suicide of the Centre and the End of the Union. A Political Anthropology of a Coup d’Etat

pp. 4-12

Arts of Soviet Peoples as a Polyethnic Complex: Ways of Research

pp. 13-25

Ritual as a Social Phenomenon (The Case of «Red Funeral»)

pp. 25-39

Life Ideals and Social Views of Russian Peasantry in the 17th Century

pp. 39-60

Primitive Rites of Passage and Modem Culture

pp. 48-61

The Dissolution of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

pp. 61-70

Celebration of Nevruz and Khydyrellez in Turkey (Late 19th—Mid-20th Century)

pp. 71-80


Comment on Yu. V. Bromley’s and S. V. Cheshko’s article «On the New Constitution of the U. S. S. R»

pp. 81-86

From the History of Ethnography

Andrei Bely as an Ethnographer

pp. 87-91


Ethno-Cultural Situation in Shapsugia (North-West Caucasia) in Summer 1988

pp. 92-98

How Russians Choose Their Names after Marriage

pp. 98-105

On Chuvash-Tatar Ethno-Musical Parallels (An Introduction)

pp. 105-114

Relicts of Shamanism in Daghestan

pp. 115-125

Composition Typology of Armenian Fairy Tales and Folk Novelets

pp. 126-131

Academic Life

«The Borders of Russia». A Discussion in the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

pp. 132-133

Nation: Phantom or Reality? (a Discussion in Leningrad)

pp. 133-134

On The Proceedings of the Constituent Congress of People s Deputies Elected by Small Ethnic Groups of Soviet North, Siberia and Far East

pp. 134-138

Anthropology on the 11th International Congress of Ethiopian Studies

pp. 138-140

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 140


Peoples of the U.S.S.R.

M. F. Pilipenko. The Rise of Byelorussia — A New Hypothesis

pp. 141-142

M. G. Turov. The Evenk Economy in Central Siberian Taiga (Late 19th—Early 20th Century)

pp. 142-145

V. S. Varziati. The Culture of Ossetia — Links with the Peoples of Caucasia

pp. 145-147

Letters to the Editorial Board

Comment on a Publication

pp. 148


In Memoriam Lev Pavlovich Lashuk

pp. 149-152

Index for 1991

pp. 153-157