Number 3, 1991

National Processes Today

Ethnicity and Power in the U. S. S. R. (An Ethno-Political Analysis of the Republican Power Structures)

pp. 3-18

Ethnic Community and Economic Self-Support (On Nationalism in the U.S.S.R.)

pp. 18-33


Towards a Conceptual Model of an Urban Deme

pp. 34-43

The Don Armenians: An Ethno-Cultural Characteristic

pp. 44-56

The First Russian Campaign to the Pacific (1639—1641) within Ethnographic Context

pp. 56-69

Gafol Complex in Oceania

pp. 69-82

From the History of Ethnography

B. E. Petri as Ethnographer

pp. 83-92


Stability and Dynamics in Agricultural Traditions

pp. 93-101

The Formation of Permanent Russian Population on the Island of Sakhalin (Late XIX — Early XX Centuries)

pp. 102-111

On «Ushkuinichestvo» in the Pskov Land in XIV—XV Centuries

pp. 111-116

From the History of Georgian Anthroponymy

pp. 116-123

«Stone Heads» from the Daghestan Settlement of Sagada

pp. 123-125

Quest, Facts, Hypotheses

A Zulu Chief Gives Evidence

pp. 126-134

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by I. S. Gurvich, Doctor of Historical Sciences (To His 70th Birthday)

pp. 135-140

List of Major Works by M. G. Rabinovich, Doctor of Historical Sciences (To His 75th Birthday)

pp. 140-141

Academic Life

An International Academic Conference «”Dzhangar” and Problems of Epic Genre»

pp. 141-143

Critical Articles and Reviews

Critical Articles

Political System

pp. 144-146

Modern American Family as Viewed by American Researchers

pp. 146-152


General Ethnography

Discussing S. A. Arutiunov’s «Peoples and Cultures: Evolution and Interaction»

pp. 152-161

Reply to M. V. Kriukov

pp. 161-164

The Slavs: Ethnogenesis and Ethnic History. A Collection of Papers from Soviet Universities

pp. 164-166

Peoples of the U.S.S.R

The Abazins. A Historical-Ethnographic Characteristic

pp. 167-169

G. D. Dzhavadov. Folk Agricultural Technology in Azerbaijan

pp. 169-172

Peoples of Non-Soviet Europe

Národopisná literatura nа Slovensky za roky 1901 – 1959

pp. 172-174

Letters to the Editorial Board

The Letter to the Editorial Board. Ethnologist’s Comment

pp. 177