Number 4, 1991


Adaptive Characteristics of Folk Cultures of the North

pp. 3-17

City as a Factor of Cultural Integration (The Russian Experience of 1970s—1980s)

pp. 17-27

On Iranian Influence in Ob Ugrian Culture

pp. 28-36

Toward the Origin of the Term «Zanj»

pp. 36-44

From the History of Ethnography

A. N. Maksimov and His Studies on Historical Ethnography

pp. 45-64


About Certain Archaic Patterns of Russian Folk Embroidery and Their Sources

pp. 65-78

Current Trends in Ethno-Cultural Development of the Chuvash in Western Siberia

pp. 79-84

Mordva — an Ethnonym or an Ethnopholism?

pp. 84-93

Tamgas of the Altayans

pp. 94-98

The Concept of Soul in Peruvian Amazonia

pp. 99-108

Productive and Social Organization of Yoruba and Edo (Bini) Towns in «Pre-European» Period (14th— 15th Centuries)

pp. 109-115

Tibetan Butter Puppet Theatre

pp. 115-126

Problems of Ethnographic Attribution (TheCase of aTaitiCloak from the Leningrad Museum of Ethnography and Anthropology)

pp. 126-139

Quest, Facts, Hypotheses

«Scythian Harp» — The Oldest Bow Instrument?

pp. 140-154

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by Z. P. Sokolova, Doctor of Historical Sciences

pp. 155-160

List of Major Works by P. I. Boriskovsky, Doctor of Historical Sciences

pp. 160-162

Academic Life

A Session of the Learned Council of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, the USSR. Academy of Sciences, Dedicated to the 70th Anniviersary of Yu. V. Bromley

pp. 163-165

«Ethnography and Ecology» — A Regional Academic Session on the Results of Ethnographic Field Studies in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of T. A. Zhdanko’s Scholarly Work

pp. 165-167

IV International Conference on Ethnologic Research of Pictorial Arts

pp. 168-171

IV International Cinema Festival of Visual Antropology

pp. 171-174

Reviews. Critical Articles

Peoples of the U.S.S.R

Ethnic History and Traditional Culture of the Peoples of Soviet Central Asia and Kazakhstan

pp. 175-178

Peoples of Africa

V. A. Popov. An Ethno-Social History of the Akan in 16th — 19th Centuries

pp. 178-184


In Memoriam Rudolf F. Its

pp. 185-187

Letters to the Editorial Board

Where is the Cherets River?

pp. 188-189