Number 2, 1991

National Processes Today

Moscow Armenians: A Social Portrait through Ethno-Sociological Study

pp. 3-16


«Diffusion of an Idea*, Crises and Economic Dynamics in Traditional Societies (Raising the Problem)

pp. 17-28

Ancient Uralic-East Asian Parallels (the Case of Dwelling)

pp. 28-37

Godfather and Godmother in Russian Village

pp. 37-52

Some Problems of Studying Subsistence Types

pp. 52-61

Cross Worship within the Context of Armenian Folk Christianity

pp. 61-70

From the History of Ethnography

Ethnographic Museums of Moscow and Leningrad in Late 1920s — Early 1930s

pp. 71-81

Ethnography in Museums

V. G. Tan-Bogoras.— Scholar, Writer, Public Speaker (to His 125th Birthday)

pp. 82-92


Distribution of Economic Functions in Post-Reform Russian Peasant Family (by Data from Central Provinces)

pp. 93-102

Wedding Rites of Baltic- Finnish Peoples in Late XIX — Early XX c.

pp. 103-113

South Slavic-Georgian Musical-Ethnographic Parallels

pp. 114-123

Ancient Aztec Trade

pp. 123-142

Soviet-American Ethnographic Study «Peace and Peacefulness»

pp. 142-146

Academic Life

All-Union Academic Conference «National and Socio-Cultural Processes in the U.S.S.R»

pp. 147-150

A Congress of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences in Lisbon

pp. 151-153

The Second All-Union Conference on Preparing the Series

pp. 153-155


Critical Articles

Scholarly Publications of the Sakhalin Regional Museum of Local Lore

pp. 156-159

On Methodological Aspects of Ethnographic Museology

pp. 159-161

General Ethnography

A. Ya. Gurevich. Medieval World: The Culture of Silent Majority

pp. 162-166

E. G. Abramian. At the Sources of Cultural Tradition

pp. 166-168

Peoples of the U.S.S.R

All Year Round: Russian Agricultural Calendar

pp. 168-171

A. A. Skripnik. Ukrainian Ethnographic Museum (in Ukrainian)

pp. 171-173

Letter to the Editorial Board

pp. 174