Number 6, 1990

National Processes Today

On the New Constitution of the U. S. S. R.

pp. 3-10

Folk Traditions and the Rise of European Home

pp. 11-17

Peoples of Soviet North: Past, Present and Future

pp. 17-32


Studying Ethnic History: Problems of Theory and Sources (The Case of Soviet Far North)

pp. 33-41

The Rise of Byelorussian Ethnic Identity (XIV — early XX cc.)

pp. 42-54


Discussion on C. W. Qailey’s Article «Dialectics of Gender in State Formation»

pp. 55-78

From the History of Ethnography

Ethnographic Education in Moscow University

pp. 79-91

N. N. Miclouho-Maclay and Easter Isle

pp. 91-99


Tree—House—Temple in Russian Folk Art

pp. 100-114

Folk Labour Traditions among the Uzbeks

pp. 115-122

Quest, Facts, Hypotheses

Alexander Blok Reading a Book on Primitive Man

pp. 123-127

Academic Life

An All-Union Session on the Results of Field Research in Ethnography and Phisical Anthropology, 1988—1989. Foundation of Soviet Ethnografical and Physical Anthropological Association

pp. 128-135

From Uniformity to Variety (Sixth International Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies)

pp. 135-143

An All-Union Conference «Nations and National Question in Central and South-East Europe (late XIX — early XX cc.)»

pp. 144-146

An Indian-Soviet Workshop «Ethnicity, People and Caste»

pp. 146-150

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 151

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Psychological Anthropology — A Quest for Synthesis in Human Sciences

pp. 152-161

General Ethnography

A Centenary of L. Belsky’s Translation of Kalevala

pp. 161-163

Peoples of America

Narody. Jak powstawały i jak wybijały się na niepodległość?

pp. 163-165


In memoriam V. P. Kobychev

pp. 166-167

Index for 1990

pp. 168-172