Number 5, 1991

National Processes Today

Native Populations of North Siberia: Reproduction Patterns and Development Alternatives

pp. 3-16

Peace-Making Organizations in North Caucasia (An Information)

pp. 16-19


The Healing of Ilya Muromets: An Ancient Russian Ritual Reflected in an Epic

pp. 20-27

Calusari — Romanian Folk Dancers

pp. 27-35

Ethno-Political Problems of a Federal State: the Experience of Nigeria

pp. 35-44

From the History of Ethnography

From the History of Eastern Slavic Ethnographic Studies (N. I. Lebedeva)

pp. 45-57

N. I. Konrad as a Student of Korean Ethnography

pp. 57-69

Chingiz Valikhanov, a Kazakh Ethnographer

pp. 69-78


Elements of Religious Beliefs in Ancient Turkic Genealogic Legends

pp. 79-86

Communicative Behaviour of Bukhara Jews

pp. 86-94

Modern Ethno-Linguistic Processes among Muslims of Western Thrace

pp. 94-103

The Traditions of Dongson Culture in the Dwellings on the Teynguen Plateau

pp. 103-110

Some Avoidance Rites among the Mongols

pp. 111-115

Academic Life

The Soviet Association of Ethnography and Anthropology (An Information)

pp. 116-120

The Second Finno-Ugric Readings in Lenigrad

pp. 120-124

A Session of the Learned Council and Readings Dedicated to B. O. Dolgikh in the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

pp. 124-127


Critical Articles

Black Family in the U. S. as Viewed by American Ethno-Sociologists

pp. 128-138

Modern Ethnographic Studies of the Khalkha Mongols

pp. 138-145

Peoples of the U. S. S. R.

A. B. Dzadziev. Social-Ethnic Structure of North Ossetia

pp. 145-148

Russian Folklore. A Bibliographic Index. 1881 —1890

pp. 148-153

Peoples of Non Soviet Europe

A Study of Europeark Marriage Customs

pp. 153-156


In Memoriam Frederick Rose

pp. 157-158