Number 5, 1992

Reflections on the Development o f Ethnological Knowledge

«Let’s say a word for poor science»

pp. 3-7

Scholarship under Totalitarian Regime

pp. 7-18

Facts and Documents

Armenia: the Current Social, Economic and Political Situation

pp. 19-31

Ethnological Theory

Primitive Communism and Mutual Aid: Kropotkin Visits the Bushmen

pp. 32-46

Small Ethnic Groups in Alien Environment

Ethnocultural Description of Moscow Assyrians (on the Materials of Ethnosociological Poll

pp. 47-54

Jews from Meshkhed and Gerat in Central Asia

pp. 54-64

German Community in Namibia: the Raise of Sub-ethnos (on the Field Materials)

pp. 64-75

Our Reader Asks


pp. 76-83

Portraits of Scholars

N. A. Borodin — a Student of Ural Cossacks

pp. 84-90

History of Thought

Russian Islam. Thoughts, Notes, Observations

pp. 91-102


Ancient Slavonic Shrine in Russian Folk Art

pp. 103-124

In the Eyes of Ethnologist

A Trip to lle-Ife (2nd Essay)

pp. 125-137

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by S. P. Polyakov (to His 60th Birthday)

pp. 138


«Sociology of Tribe», Theoretical Mentality and Many Other (N. M. Girenko. Sociology of Tribe)

pp. 139-148

Problems of Verbal History in the USSR

pp. 149-152

Foreighn Authors about National Problems in the USSR

pp. 152-161

Unpublished Book — N. N. Sadotnskaya. Galicians: History and Ethnography. M.: Nauka, 1973 (Page-Proof)

pp. 161-163

Folklore Traditions of Present-Day Village (On Materials of MGU Folklore Expeditions to Russian Villages of Tatariya in 1981 —1987)

pp. 163-166


I. S. Gurvich

pp. 167-172

L. N. Gumilyov

pp. 173-175