Number 2, 1992

Facts and Documents

The Voluntary Union of Free Republics?

pp. 3-13

The 20th Century: Ethnicity, Society, Polity

Ethnic Implications of Katun HPS Construction

pp. 14-23

The Dynamics of Ethnic Settlement Systems in the Crimea

pp. 23-34

Ethnological Theory

The Marxist Book of Genesis

pp. 35-51


On the Ethnonym «Khakas»

pp. 52-59

Comment on I. L. Kyzlasov

pp. 59-61

Name «Khakas» in Historical Literature

pp. 61-63

On the «Khakas» Ethnonym

pp. 63-69

On the Ethnonym «Khakass» and «Tatar» and the Word «Khoo-rai»

pp. 69-76

The Material Culture

Continuity in Organization of Environment (a Case Study of Evenks of Nizhnaya Tunguska)

pp. 77-89

Polesian Flax and Slavonic Traditions

pp. 89-101

The Typology of Traditional Korean Dwelling (19 — early 20 century)

pp. 102-115

Another Dimension

Cosmos, Harmony, Shrine (Peculiarities of Buddist Temple Architecture in Relation to Phunsu Doctrines and Ancient Chinese Philosophy)

pp. 116-133

Recently Discovered Manuscripts

Mountain Shoria and the Shor People. The Spiritual Culture

pp. 134-146


The Traditional Ethnic Culture and Colour (Modern Trends in Western Research)

pp. 147-156

N. D. Zolnikova. The Parish Community in Siberia in the 18 Century

pp. 157-160

A. Sh. Kadyrbaev. Turkic and Iranian Tribes in China and Central Asia in 13—14 Centuries

pp. 160-161

Congresses, Conferences, Symposia

Calendar for 1992

pp. 162

Emigration: a Universal Response to Crisis?

pp. 162-165

Ethnic History and Culture in the Former USSR

pp. 165-167


In memoriam V. P. Alekseev

pp. 168-171

In memoriam L. S. Tolstova

pp. 172-175