Number 1, 1993

Reflections on the Development of Ethnological Knowledge

Unseasonable Reflections on Urgent Problems

pp. 3-8

What Crisis is Overcoming?

pp. 8-14

Documents and Facts

Serbs and Croats: Historic Roots of the Present Conflict

pp. 15-21

The 20th Century: Ethnicity, Society, State

The Causes of Disintegration in the USSR and Yugoslavia

pp. 22-37

Modem Situation in Traditional Agriculture in Mountain Kirghizia

pp. 37-51

Ethnological Theory

From Primordial to Class Society: Ways and Variants of Development (Part I)

pp. 52-70

Professional Point of View

The Dog as a Guide on the Brink of Worlds

pp. 71-79

Ethnographic Museum

The 90th Anniversary of the Russian Ethnographic Museum in St. Peterburg

pp. 80-85

The «Special Treasury» in the State Museum of Ethnography

pp. 86-96

To the History of Novosibirsk Museum of Regional Ethnography

pp. 96-102

Museum in the Open Air in Kloppenburg and the Exposition of Folk Written Culture

pp. 102-105

Interview for «Ethnographicheskoye Obozrenie»

«It was a Science, and what Science!» (V. A. Tishkov Talks with the Eldest Russian Ethnologist L. P. Potapov)

pp. 106-114

Portraits of Scholars

Outstanding Specialist in Ethnology and Folklore G. S. Vinogradov. Discovering Old Writtings

pp. 115-128

Discovering Old Writtings

Ethnography and the Present

pp. 129-140


Talks (Part 1)

pp. 141-149

Congresses, Conferences, Symposiums

Calendar for 1993

pp. 150

Conference in Memorian of A. B. Lord

pp. 150-154

XC Annual Session of American Anthropological Association

pp. 154-158


Term «Ethnos» and its Derivatives in Russian and Polish Ethnology

pp. 159-164

Osmanov M.-Z. O. Forms of Traditional Cattle-Breeding in Dagestan in 19 —Early 20th Century

pp. 164-167

N. F. Mokshin. Mystery of Mordvinian Names (Historical Onomastic of Mordva)

pp. 167-169

E. A. Gaer. Nanaian Traditional Material Culture in Late 19 — Early 20th Century

pp. 169-170


S. Ya. Serov

pp. 171-173

B. G. Gershkovich

pp. 174-175