Number 4, 1993

Reflection on the Development of Ethnological Knowledge

Post-Modernism, Cambridge and the Great Kalahari Debate

pp. 3-15

The 20th Century: Ethnicity, Society, Policy

Auroville — «A Real Utopia» of Today

pp. 16-29

Differing Types of Ethnicity (The Croatian and Serbian Examples)

pp. 29-40

Ethnological Theory

Adaptional Meaning of Cultural Polimorphism

pp. 41-56

Essays on the East Slavs

Ancient Slavs Initiations (An Attempt of Reconstruction)

pp. 57-66

Mythological Stories and Superstitions Related to Bath Spirit — Baennik

pp. 66-78

Demons in Russian Folklore: Discovering Local Versions

pp. 78-91

Charming and Conjuring Actions in the East Slavs Folk Culture

pp. 91-106

Death Theme in Wedding Reproaching Songs (By Data from Ryazan’ Region)

pp. 106-123


The Rapanuia Inscriptions (To the Problem of Decipherment)

pp. 124-141


Talks (Part 4)

pp. 142-149

Anthropology Abroad

Stepping out the Shadow: Current Developments of Social Anthropology in Austria

pp. 150-151


Report on Scientific Work of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAN in 1992

pp. 152-158

Transactions of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAN Published in 1992

pp. 158-159

To the Foundation of a New Ethnographic Museum

pp. 159-162

Conferences, Symposiums

«New Russian Diaspora»

pp. 163-166

Problems of Ethnic History of the Turkic Peoples in Siberia and Neighboring Territories

pp. 166-168


A. V. Kamkin. Orthodox Church on the North of Russia. Historical Review till 1917

pp. 169-172

V. A. Skroznikova. Mystery of the Indian Names

pp. 173-175