Number 3, 1993

Reflection on the Development of Ethnological Knowledge

Ethnological Research: Ideals and Reality (Part 2)

pp. 3-14

The 20th Century: Ethnicity, Society, State

Interethnic Relations: a View on Uzbekistan

pp. 15-27

Overseas Koreans in Global Context

pp. 27-39

Documents and Facts

Germans in Russia (Historical Review)

pp. 40-51

Ethnogenesis and Ethnic History

A. Poor Fate of the Discipline: Ethnogenetic Studies and Stalin’s Ethnic Policy

pp. 52-68

Varangians and Khazars in Russian History

pp. 68-82

Ossets in Context of Georgian History (Pre-Mongol Period)

pp. 83-96

Recurrence to Discussion

Dissemination of Bylines on the Russian North

pp. 97-109

Once Again About the Fate of Russian Epic

pp. 109-122


Talks (Part 3)

pp. 123-131

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by V. E. Gusev, Doctor of Historical Sciences (To His 75th Birthday)

pp. 132-135

List of Major Works by G. E. Markov, Doctor of Historical Sciences (To the 40th Anniversary of His Scientific and Pedagogical Activities)

pp. 135-139

Thesis Disputes

Theses on Ph. D. Grade Defended in the Institute of Ethnology and Authropology RAN in 1992

pp. 140-146

Anthropology Abroad

Anthropology in Switzerland

pp. 147-148


Exibition «Folk Art and Its Collectors»

pp. 149-151

Expedition to Valaam

pp. 152-153


«Imagined», «Invented» and «Constructed» Nations: Metaphor in Scholary Debates

pp. 154-165

G. S. Kotandzyan. Ethnopolitology of Consensus-Conflict. Theory and Practice, Civilization Problems. Idem. Introduction to Politology of Consensus-Conflict: Theoretical and methodological problems of Civilized Analysis; Idem. Aspects of «Consent-Conflict». Civilization Problems of Theoretical and Applied Politology

pp. 165-168

E. A. Warner. Folk Theater and Dramatic Entertainments in Russia; E. A. Warner, E. S. Kustovskii. Russian Traditional Folk Song

pp. 168-171

Bibliographie internationale de la marionnettes. Ouvrages en anglais 1945—1990. Par Genevieve Leleu-Rouvray et Gladys Langevin. International Bibliography on Puppetry. English Books. 1945—1990

pp. 171-172