Number 3, 1992

Reflections on the Development of Ethnological Knowledge

Between Ethnography, Ethnology and Real Life

pp. 3-14

The 20th Century: Ethnicity, Society, Polity

Ethnocentrism and Recovery of Ethnicity: Theories and Reality

pp. 15-23

The Poles and Their Neighbours (Anatomy of Official Nationalism Revealed Through a School Textbook)

pp. 23-30

Ethnological Theory

On Primitive Communism, Marxism and Human Essence

pp. 31-46

Professional Point of View

August 1991: The Festival That Failed to Reach Climax

pp. 47-58

A Revolution That Was a Festival

pp. 58-66

Will an Argument Bear the Truth?

Endogamy and Ethnos

pp. 67-78


pp. 78-95

World, Deity, Man

Myth, Ecology, Mentality: Highlander’s House in the Nivkh Folk Mythology

pp. 96-108

The Vainakh Mythology

pp. 108-117

250 Years of Buddhism Officially Recognized in Russia (Reflections After the Anniversary)

pp. 118-131



pp. 132-136

Our Anniversaries

List of Major Works by S. A. Arutiunov, Doctor of Historical Sciences (To His 60th Birthday)

pp. 137-140

List of Major Works by A. V. Smolyak, Doctor of Historical Sciences (To Her 70th Birthday)

pp. 140-143


Clifford Geertz: Interpretation of Cultures

pp. 144-150

Yu. D. Anchabadze, N. G. Voikova. Old Tbilissi. The City in the 19th Century

pp. 150-152

V. V. Napolskih. The Earliest Period of the Uralic Linguistic Family Through Mythological Reconstruction

pp. 153-154

Tigran Navasardyan’s Contribution to Armenian Folklore Studies

pp. 155-157

Congresses, Conferences, Symposiums

Calendar for 1992

pp. 158

Law and Ethnicity

pp. 158-164

Minority Rights

pp. 164-166

The Chircassian Ethnos: from Genocide to Revival

pp. 166-167

XXIV Congress of Yugoslavian Ethnography Societies

pp. 168

The Centenary of Poland Ethnography Society

pp. 168-170


M. G. Vorobieva

pp. 171-172

G. S. Maslova

pp. 173-175