Number 4, 1985

Contemporary Ethnic Processes among the Eastern Slav Peoples of the USSR

pp. 3-12

Small Ethnic Groups: the Main Stages of Their Ethnocultural Evolution (on Soviet Materials)

pp. 13-22

The Russian Traditional Popular Calendar

pp. 22-36

On the Nature of the Afro-American Ethnic Community in the U. S. A.

pp. 36-47

English-French Bilingualism in Canada

pp. 47-56

Ethnosocial Processes in Guyana

pp. 56-66


Discussion of M. N. Shmeliova’s and S. I. Vainshtein’s articles on Problems of Field Studies («.Sovetskaya Etnografia», 1985, No 3)

pp. 67-77

Ethnography in Museums

Two Leather Masks from the Collections of the Order of Lenin State History Museum

pp. 78-82


On the Criteria of the Economic-Geographical and Social-Geographical Approach to the Study of the Processes by Which Ethnic Communities are Formed

pp. 83-88

The «Send-Off of Spring» Rituals in Present-Day Village Life (Materials from Gorky Oblast’)

pp. 88-95

Cult Objects of Fergana as a Source for the History of Irrigation Agriculture

pp. 96-104

On Studying the Ethnic Aspects of the American Family

pp. 104-109

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

«The Beautiful Custom of Hospitality…»

pp. 110-120

Our Anniversaries

A List of Major Works by V. R. Kabo, Doctor of Historical Sciences (to His 60th Birthday)

pp. 121-124

Academic Life

The 20th Session of the All-Union Symposium for the Study of Agrarian History

pp. 125-127

«Problems in the Interrelations between Mountain and Plains Regions and between the Georgians and the Peoples of Northern Caucasus». A Conference

pp. 127-129

«The Folk Song Heritage and Modernityx. A Scientific Conference

pp. 129-131

Scientific Sessions Devoted to the Memory of Academy Member V. Steinitz

pp. 131-133

20 Years of the «Social Sciences and Modernit» Department, Nauka Publishing House

pp. 133-134

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 134-135

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Studies of Aggressive Behaviour of Primates and Their Importance for Research into Anthroposociogenesis

pp. 136-143

General Ethnography

The Family and Its Culture. An Investigation in Seven East and West European Countries

pp. 143-148

A History of Primitive Society. General Questions. Problems of Anthroposociogenesis/Yu. V. Bromley, Ed

pp. 148-152

Peoples of the USSR

L. S. Yefremova. The Lettish Peasant Family in Latgalia

pp. 152-153

Songs of the Ustya River Area. Issue 1 / Comp. by A. Mekhnetsov, Yu. Marchenko, Ye. Mel’nik

pp. 154-156

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

A. S. Myl’nikov. The Culture of the Czech Renaissance

pp. 156-159

Peoples of Asia outside the USSR

M. A. Rodionov. The Maronites. From the Ethnoreligious History of the Easterm Mediterranean

pp. 159-161

N. G. Krasnodembskaya. From Lion Island to the Abode of Snows

pp. 161-162

Peoples of Africa

An. A. Gromyko. Masks and Sculpture of Tropical Africa

pp. 162-164

Peoples of America

Cuban Ethnography. Articles and Materials./V. V. Pimenov, Ed

pp. 165-167


In Memoriam: Sergey Alexandrovitch Tokarev

pp. 168-172