Number 3, 1984

Characteristic Features in the Ethnocultural Evolution of the Population of Voronezh Region

pp. 3-14

Folk Constructional and Artistic Methods in the Traditional and the Modern Ukrainian Spring and Autumn Outdoor Clothing

pp. 14-29

Chess in the Bylinas

pp. 29-40

Individual Specialization in Australian Aborigines’ Society

pp. 40-50


Theoretical Problems in the Reconstruction of Earliest Slav Spiritual Cultuie. A Questionnaire

pp. 51-63

Ethnography in Museums

pp. 64-75

The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Bashkir Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences

pp. 75-82

From the History of Ethnography

A. N. Pypin and His Plan for a Historical-Ethnographic Expedition to the Balkans

pp. 83-92

The Ethnographic Aspects of the Work Achieved by the Bucharest Sociological School between the First and the Second World Wars

pp. 92-100


Inter-Ethnic Marriages in the USSR in the Mid-Thirties

pp. 101-112

An Approach to the Study of Populations in Physical Anthropology

pp. 112-120

Childhood Cycle Customs and Rituals Past and Present among the Upper Zeravshan Tajiks

pp. 120-128

The Popular Agricultural Calendar and Meteorology of the Azerbaijanians in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

pp. 128-134

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Man and Dog (Ways of Regarding a Dog in Different Ethnocultural Traditions)

pp. 135-143


The Activities of the Order of People’s Friendship Institute of Ethnography, USSR Academy of Sciences in 1983

pp. 144-152

Academic Life

The First Soviet-Mon- golian Ethnographic Symposium

pp. 153-157

«Problems in the Ethnogenesis and Ethnic History of the Samodic Peoples» — an AllUnion Conference

pp. 157-159

On the Emergence of a Pan-Indian Community in the U. S. A. (a Conference)

pp. 160-161

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 161-163

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Problems Relating to the Rise of Nations in Eastern Europe as Viewed by Present-Day Hungarian Historiography

pp. 164-167

Peoples of the USSR

The Ethnic History of the Northern Peoples

pp. 168-170

Ye. I. Derevianko. Tribes of the Amur Area in the 1st Millenium A. D. Essays on Their Ethnic History and Culture

pp. 170-172

L. I. Tegako, I. I. Salivon, A. I. Mikulitch. Biological and Social Factors in the Formation of Anthropological Characteristics (Based on Data from Research among the Population of the Pooziorye Area)

pp. 172-173