Number 6, 1983

The June Plenary Session of the CPSU Central Committee and the Tasks Faced bx Soviet Ethnographers

pp. 3-10

Concerning Some Urgent Tasks in the Ethnographical Study of the Present

pp. 10-23

On the Classification of Russian Folk Songs of Everyday Life by Genre, Plot and Subject-Matter

pp. 23-33

Problems of the Ethnic History of Sardinia in the 1st Millennium B. C.

pp. 33-47

From the History of Ethnography

The Materials of M. N. Vasilyev’s Expedition — a Valuable Source for the History and Ethnography of the Hawaiian Islands

pp. 48-61


The Science of Anthropology: Some Aspects of its Content

pp. 62-67

The Ornament of Samarkand Embroidery and its Relationship to Folk Concepts and Beliefs (Second Half of the 19th — Beginning of the 20th Century)

pp. 67-79

Traditional Dwellings in the Village of Hufar (The Uzbek SSR)

pp. 79-87

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

N. K. Roerikh and the Legend of Belovodye

pp. 88-101

Our Anniversaries

A List of the Main Publications by G. E. Markov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (to His 60th Birthday and 30th Anniversary of His Scholarly Activity)

pp. 102-105

Academic Life

Contemporary Ethno-Social Processes in the CountrySide and the Tasks of Studying Them in the Light of the Resolutions of the May 1982 Plenary Session of the CPSU Central Committee, an All-Union Conference

pp. 106-111

The 3d European Anthropological Congress

pp. 111-114

An International Symposium «The Role of Family in Ethno-Cultural Processes under Socialism»

pp. 114-116

Finno- Ugric Musical Lore: Problems of Syncretism, an All-Union Conference

pp. 116-120

The Construction of Houses in Early Russia, a Symposium

pp. 120-122

Polesye and the Origin of the Slavs, a Conference

pp. 122-124

A Regional Conference on Studying Rural Family Life in Middle Asia (Soviet Central Asia)

pp. 124-128

Maclay Readings: Fifth Session

pp. 129-131

F. F. Aristov Memorial Session

pp. 131-133

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 133-135

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

The Ethnography of Russian Siberian Peasantry: a Review of Publications

pp. 136-141

Russian Folklore in Institutions of Higher Education

pp. 141-149

Peoples of the USSR

Ya. S. Smirnova. Family and Family Life of the North Caucasus Peoples. Second Half of the 19th—20th Century

pp. 149-151

Z. P. Sokolova. The Khanty and Mansi Social Organization in the 18th—20th Centuries. The Problems of Phratry and Clan

pp. 151-153

Ildiko Lehtinen. Naisten Коrut. Keski-Venäjällä ja Länsi-Siperiassa

pp. 153-155

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

B. N. Putilov. Heroic Epics of the Montenegrins

pp. 156-157


O. A. Sukhareva

pp. 158-162

M. K. Gegeshidze

pp. 163-166

Index for 1983

pp. 167-172