Number 4, 1983

The Views of Karl Marx on the History of Primeval Society and the Concept of the Socio-Economic Formation

pp. 3-19

Fifty Years of the USSR Academy of Sciences N. N. Mikloukho-Maclay Institute of Ethnography Decorated with the Older of People’s Friendship

pp. 20-37

Space structurization and Etiquette

pp. 37-50

To the Methods of Studying Wooden Architecture

pp. 50-62


An Urgent Task: Alliance with Social Psychologists

pp. 63-67

Ethnopsychologv and Related Sciences

pp. 68-75

Social-Psychological Aspects of Ethnic Consciousness

pp. 75-78

For an Integral Realistic Approach to Urgent Problems (Reply to Opponents)

pp. 79-86

Editorial Comment

pp. 86


Rituals for Calling Up Rain and Sunshine among the Vainakhs in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

pp. 87-94

Certain Problems in the Study of Early Russian Instrumental Musical Culture

pp. 94-98

Rock Drawings and Tamgas in Jinnal Grotto in the Environs of Kislovodsk

pp. 98-102

A New Palaeoanthropological Find from Eneolithic Times in the Environs of Krasnoyarsk

pp. 102-105

The Development of Ethnopolitical Processes in the Gold Coast Area, 15th to 19th Centuries

pp. 105-117

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

Concerning a Forgotten Hypothesis (to the Ethnogenesis of the Eastern Romance Peoples)

pp. 118-125

Our Anniversaries

A List of the Main Works by Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences D. A. Olderogge (to His 80th Birthday)

pp. 126-130

Academic Life

A Joint Scientific Session of the Ethnographers of Leningrad Devoted to the 60th Anniversary of the USSR

pp. 131-133

Slavistics in the Ethnography of the Socialist Countries of Europe

pp. 133-134

The 10th Conference of the Association of European Open Air Museums

pp. 134-137

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 137-139

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Problems of Studying Ethnic Processes in Present-Day American Social Science

pp. 140-151

Peoples of the USSR

F. T. Valeyev. The Tatars of West Siberia in the Second Half of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries. Historical-Ethnographic Essays

pp. 151-154

M. I. Belov, O. V. Ovsyannikov, V. F. Starkov. Mangazeya

pp. 154-156

S. I. Penyak. Early Slav and Ancient Russian Population of Transcarpathia in the 6th to 13th Centuries

pp. 157-160

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

Present-Day Ethno- national Processes in West European Countries

pp. 160-166

Julian Krzyżanowski. Szkice folklorystyczne. Т. I—III

pp. 166-169

Peoples of Asia outside the USSR

Korean Traditions and Legends from Mediaeval Books

pp. 169-172