Number 3, 1983

From the history of Soviet Ethnology: the 1930ies to the I980ies. To the 50-Years Anniversary of the Institute of Ethnography

pp. 3-18

To a Definition of the Concept of «City» for Purposes of Ethnographic Study

pp. 19-24

Ethnology and Problems of Sex

pp. 25-34

Modern Children’s Lore as an Object of Inter-Disciplinary Study

pp. 34-45

The Urban Slaves and Their Family in the U. S. South 1830 to 1860

pp. 45-56

The Main Lines of Ethnographic Research in Vietnam

pp. 56-66


To the Problem of the Influence of Cultural Environment Features over People’s Mental Make-Up

pp. 67-75

Help from Psychologists Needed

pp. 75-78

On the Subject-Matter of Ethnopsychology

pp. 78-85


Folklore in the Life of the West Siberian Village in the 18th Century and to the 1860ies

pp. 86-97

On an Ancient Instrument Used in Folk Medicine

pp. 97-99

The Changing Areas of Anthropological Types in the Territory of Middle Asia (Soviet Central Asia) from Neolithic Times to the 20th Century

pp. 99-105

The Fighting Boatmen Scene Pictured in Ancient Egyptian Tombs

pp. 105-112

On the Phratries of the Bangladesh Kuki-Chins

pp. 112-113

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Communal Winter Festival among the Tsezes

pp. 114-119

Our Anniversaries

A List of Books by J. R. Grigulevitch (Lavretsky), Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences to His 70th Birthday

pp. 120-122


The Activities of the Institute of Ethnography, USSR Academy of Sciences in 1982

pp. 123-136

Academic Life

Field Ethnographic Studies in 1980—1981: an All-Union Session in Honour of the 60th Anniversary of the Soviet Union

pp. 137-143

The N. N. Cheboksarov Memorial Readings in the Institute of Ethnography

pp. 143-146

The Middle Asia and Caucasus Readings in 1981

pp. 146-149

The 1982 Indeanistics Symposium in Moscow

pp. 149-151

The 29th Folklore Congress in Yugoslavia

pp. 151-153

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 153-155

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Soviet Bibliographies of Paremiological and Phraseological Literature

pp. 156-161

Peoples of the USSR

N. I. Shatinova. The Altayan Family

pp. 161-162

Estonian Folklore

pp. 163-165

Studies in Palaeoanthropology and Craniology in the USSR. Museum for Anthropology and Ethnography Series, Vol. 26

pp. 165-168

Peoples of America

W. S. Laughlin. Aleuts: Survivors of the Bering Land Bridge

pp. 168-172