Number 6, 1982

To the 60th Anniversary of the USSR

The Main Trends in Ethnic-National Processes in the USSR (to the 60th Anniversary of the USSR)

pp. 3-15

The Distinctive Characteristics of the Present Stage in the Ethnocultural Development of the Soviet Peoples

pp. 15-27

Tradition in the Cultural Development of the Population of the Modern Russian City

pp. 27-39

The Roles and Status of Aged Persons in the Abkhaz Family (to the Problem of Gerontophile Factors in Longevity)

pp. 40-51

Easter Island (Chiefs, Tribes, Tribal Territories)

pp. 51-66

The Indigenous Population of Alaska and the Canadian North: Contemporary Socio-Economic and Political Problems

pp. 66-80

Peoples of the World

The Population of Falkland Islands (the Malvinas)

pp. 81-88


Kiev — the Centre of Ethnographical Science in the Ukraine (to Kiev’s 1500th Anniversary)

pp. 89-101

Peasant Field Ownership Marks in the Moscow Area in Early 20th Century

pp. 101-105

A Contribution to the Anthropology of the Ancient Population of Alaska. 1. Skeletons from Ipiutak Cemetery on Cape Krusenstern

pp. 105-114

Searchings, Facts, Hypotheses

The Ulalinka Riddle

pp. 115-125

Academic Life

An International Forum of Scientists (to the Forthcoming 11th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnographical Sciences)

pp. 126-129

«Problems in the Integrated Study of Early Slavic Culture (the Ethnogenic Aspect)», a Symposium

pp. 129-132

A Scientific Session in the Institute of Ethnography, USSR Academy of Sciences (Leningrad Division)

pp. 132-135

«Folklore and Amateur Talent Activities», a Conference

pp. 135-137

The Soviet — French Field Seminar «Dynamics of Interaction ‘ between the Natural Environment and Prehistorical Societies»

pp. 137-141

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 141-142

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

On the Structure of the Stratified Rural Community and Its Role in the History of Pre-Capitalist Class Societies (in Connection with the Book «The Rural Community of Northern India» by A. B. Alayev)

pp. 143-149

The Study of Contemporary Ethnic and Cultural Processes in Byelorussia. General Ethnography

pp. 149-153

General Ethnography

A. Ya. Gurevitch. Problems of Mediaeval Folk Culture

pp. 153-154

Peoples of the USSR

R. K. Grdzelidze. Inter-Ethnic Communication in a Highly Developed Socialist Society

pp. 155-156

S. B. Rozhdestvenskaya. Russian Artistic Folk Tradition in Modern Society. Architectural Decor and Art Crafts

pp. 156-158

M. Ya. Ustinova. Family Ritual among Lettish Population in the 20th Century

pp. 158-162

The Caucasian Ethnographic Collection

pp. 163-166

Russian Folklore. A Bibliographical Index. 1901—1916

pp. 166-167

Index for 1982

pp. 168-172