Number 3, 1982

The Problem of Axiological Comparisons in Culture

pp. 3-12

The Structure of the Present-Day Urban Tajik Family (Materials from Ura-Tyube and fsfara Cities)

pp. 13-26

The Size and Geographical Distribution of Hungarian Groups in Europe outside Hungary

pp. 27-39

The Indians of Canada in the Second Half of the 20 th Century

pp. 40-53

To the Problem of Interpreting Protoindian Graphic Representations and Symbols

pp. 54-69


On Certain Problems of the Classification of Animal Husbandry in the Caucasus and the Relevant Terminology

pp. 70-76

Peoples of fhe World, Information Materials

The Population of Grenada

pp. 77-87


The Presentation of Various Aspects of the Soviet Way of Life in the State Museum for the Ethnography of Soviet Peoples

pp. 88-95

On the Ethnicon «Tcherkassy» in Russian Scientific Literature of the Late 18th to Mid-19th Centuries

pp. 96-107

On the Mountain Cult and Its Place in the History of Religion

pp. 107-113

A Visit by Soviet Ethnographers to the United States

pp. 113-119

Tradition and Evolution in Painting on Tree Bark in Oenpelli Region, West Arnhemland (North Australia)

pp. 120-128

Searchings, Facfs, Hypotheses

A Festival that Remains with Us

pp. 129-142

Our Anniversaries

A List of the Principal Works by Doctor of History V. A. Alexandrov (to His 60tb Birthday)

pp. 143-146


The Institute of Ethnography, USSR Academy of Sciences in 1981

pp. 147-156

Academic Life

«The Call from Athens» (Anthropologists against Racism)

pp. 157-159

«Topical Problems of Ethnography and Ethnographic Museology», an All-Union Scientific Session

pp. 159-162

The 150th Birth Anniversary of I. A. Fedossova

pp. 162-164

Expeditions in Brief

pp. 164-165

Criticism and Bibliography

Peoples of the USSR

V. M. Shamiladze. Economic-Cultural and Socioeconomic Problems of Animal Husbandry in Georgia

pp. 166-170

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

Ethnography of Bulgaria, vol. I

pp. 170-173