Number 5, 1983

On the Principles Underlying Typological Research into Cultural Phenomena

pp. 3-13

Population Censuses in the USSR as a Source for Analyzing Ethnocultural Processes

pp. 13-23

Russian Folk Art in the Mezen’ River Area (in Its Relation to the Region’s Ethnic History)

pp. 23-38

Traditional Animal Husbandry in East Africa

pp. 38-48

Methodological Problems in the Historical Study of Folklore

pp. 48-58


Socio-Economic Terminology in the Conceptual Pattern of Ethnology

pp. 59-69

An Important Problem in Present-Day Ethnology

pp. 69-71

To Make Term Coinage Faultless

pp. 71-73

On Terms and Concepts in Ethnology

pp. 73-77

A Terminological Dictionary: Principles of Approach

pp. 78-81

Terminology and Theory

pp. 81-85

Reply to opponents

pp. 85-87


The Socio-Ethnic Aspects of Present-Day Spiritual Culture among Rural Tatars (on the Materials of an Ethnosociological Study in the Tatar Autonomous Republic)

pp. 88-97

The Geographical Distribution of the Izhora in the 19th and 20th Centuries

pp. 97-104

The Swan in Female Dress Ornaments among the Turkic-Mongolic Peoples

pp. 104-113

Vocal Melody Signals in Peasant Everyday Life (Materials from the North-West of the Russian Federal Republic)

pp. 113-122

Ethnography in Museums

The Open-Air Museum in Cherkekh Village (Yakut Autonomous Republic)

pp. 123-129

Norwegian Dwellings in the Open-Air Museum in Trondheim

pp. 129-141

Our Anniversaries

A List of the Main Publications by M. N. Shmeliova, Candidate of Historical Sciences (to the 35th Anniversary of Her Scholarly Activity)

pp. 142-144


Meetings in Moscow and Leningrad Devoted to the Presentation of the Order of Peoples’ Friendship to the Institute of Ethnography, USSR Academy of Sciences

pp. 145-147

Academic Life

Sessions of the Leningrad Division of the Scientific Council for Integral Problems of Slav’ and Balkan Studies. USSR Academy of Sciences

pp. 148-151

The First All-Union Conference of Musicologists — Folklore Students

pp. 151-153

Criticism and Bibliography

Critical Articles and Reviews

Chinese Scholars on the Subject of Ethnology

pp. 154-159

General Ethnography

Ya. Ya. Roginsky. On the Sources of Art

pp. 160-161

Peoples of the USSR

Social Mobility to Higher Education

pp. 161-164

N. A. Tomilov. The Ethnography of the Turkic-Speaking Population of the Tomsk Region of the Ob’ River Area (Economy and Material Culture)

pp. 164-165

V. Ye. Kvarchia. Animal Husbandry (Pastoral) Vocabulary in the Abkhaz Language

pp. 165-167

The Periodical Press in the Caucasus on Ossetia and the Ossets

pp. 167-169

Peoples of Europe outside the USSR

Nations without a State. Ethnic Minorities in Western Europe

pp. 169-171