Number 4, 2007

Theoretical Issues

From Models to Strategies: Pierre Bourdieu and His Contribution to Ethnological Theory

pp. 3-15

Bourdieu in America

pp. 16-19

Pierre Bourdieu and Social Anthropology

pp. 20-22

Culture and the Historical Development of Personality: Toward a Synthesis of L.S. Vygotsky’s and I.M. Dyakonoff s Theories in Ethnology

pp. 23-36

Ethnography of Religion

Confessional Cartography in Russia

pp. 37-42

The Relationship between the Folklore Tradition and the Adaptation Processes in the Culture of Today’s Old-Believers (an Example of Eschatological and Utopie Tales)

pp. 43-53

Discourse on Proselytism in Contemporary Russia

pp. 54-67

Calendar Rites of Tantra Kälacakra in the Tibetan Monastery of Gumbum

pp. 67-85

The Notions of Evil Spirits and Curse, and Cleansing Rites among Today’s Shamans of Tuva

pp. 86-100

The Islamization of the Chuvash in the Ural-Povolzhie Region from the Eighteenth through the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

pp. 101-117


Dragging the Chariot of Foolishness… Toward the 75th Anniversary of S.A. Arutyunov

pp. 118-128


Wooden Decorations of Houses in Ivanovo and Neighbour Villages (the Nineteenth and the Early Twentieth Centuries)

pp. 129-148

From the History of Studying Udmurt Clan Names

pp. 149-159

Sports in the Cultural-Historical Perspective: Between the Sacred and the Profane

pp. 160-169

Reviews and Surveys

Review of Khorovaia kul’tura Mordovii: fol’ klor, traditsii, sovremennost’ (Mordovian Culture of Choir Singing: Folklore, Traditions, the Present), by L.B. Boyarkina. Saransk, 2006

pp. 170-172

Review of Tuva: slovar kul’tury (Tuva: Dictionary of Culture), ed. by S. Markus. Moscow, 2006

pp. 172-174

Review of Materialy k biograficheskomu slovariu assiriitsev v Rossii (XIX – seredina XX veka) (Materials for a Biographical Dictionary of Assyrians in Russia [the Nineteenth – Mid-Twentieth Centuries]), ed. by Igumen Stefan (Sado). St. Petersburg, 2006

pp. 175-177

On the Journal's Website

pp. 177

In memoriam

Norair Badamovich Ter-Akopian

pp. 178-182

Natalia Nikolaevna Mamonova

pp. 183-184

Georgii Nikolaevich Simakov

pp. 185-187

Nurbulat Edigeevich Masanov

pp. 188-191