Number 2, 2007

Theoretical Issues

The Way We Think Now: Toward an Ethnography of Modern Thought

pp. 3-16

Russian Anthropologists in Tanzania

(guest editor of the section: M.L. Butovskaya)

Introduction: Contemporary Fieldwork of Russian Anthropologists in the United Republic of Tanzania

pp. 17-19

Hadza Children: The Specificity of Behaviour and the Success of Adaptation in Multiethnic Groups

pp. 20-38

Modernization Processes in the Formation of Tanzanian Nation

pp. 39-53

Ethnolinguistic Situation in Tanzania

pp. 54-59

Women-City Dwellers Today

pp. 59-68

Studies in East-Slavic Culture

In Memory of Boris Alekseevich Frolov

pp. 69-71

The February Council of Saint Elders the Defenders

pp. 72-85

“Fly Eagle-High, Falcons”: Ornitomorphous Symbolism in the East-Slavic Warrior Tradition

pp. 86-105

Traditions of Celebrating the Ivan Day among Bespopovtsy Old-Believers of Ust’-Tsil’ma (Late Nineteenth – Early Twentieth сenturies)

pp. 106-118


“Respecting One’s Respondents Is the Most Important Principle of a Researcher…” (An Interview with E.I. Filippova and M. Laruelle)

pp. 119-131

Studies of Minorities in Japan

(guest editor of the section: S.A. Arutiunov)

Ethnos without Ethnicity: The Ainu Today

pp. 132-137

Decorations and Belts in Everyday Life and Cults of the Ainu

pp. 138-149

On the History of Studying the Tsorpok-Kuru Issue: Links between the Ainu and Jomon Cultures

pp. 150-157

“New Nomads” of the Japanese Society

pp. 158-169

Reviews and Surveys

Review of Russians in Alaska, 1732-1867, by L.T. Black. Fairbanks, 2004

pp. 170-173

Review of Mordva i vera (The Mordva and the Faith), by N.F. Mokshin, E.N. Mokshina. Saransk, 2005

pp. 173-176

Review of Reindeer, Rodina and Reciprocity: Kinship and Property Relations in a Siberian Village, by A. Ventsel. В., 2005

pp. 176-178

Review of Pagan Theology: Paganism as a World Religion, by M. York. N.Y., 2005

pp. 178-183

On the Journal's Website

pp. 183

In memoriam

Clifford Geertz (1926-2006)

pp. 184-191