Number 5, 2007

Theoretical Issues

Two Traditions in Anthropology: American Geologism versus French Biologism

pp. 3-18

The First “Field” of Anthropologists: On National Styles of Science

pp. 19-24

National Traditions and Metaphors of Science

pp. 25-28

Response to Commenters

pp. 29-31

Ethnic Identity and Statistics

(guest editor: Y.V. Stepanov)

In Place of an Introduction: In Defense of Ethnic Statistics

pp. 32-38

The Republic of Komi: The Changing Faces of a Migrant Community

pp. 39-54

Ethnic Minorities in Tatarstan Towns

pp. 54-70

Ethnic Structure and Demographic Problems in Georgia

pp. 71-74

Native Minorities of the North: Dynamics of Population According to Censuses

pp. 75-95

Multiple Identities between Theory and Politics (the Case of Dagestan)

pp. 96-115

The Bashkortostan Phenomenon: From “Tragic Demography” to “Logical Reconfiguration of Groups’ Numerical Strength”

pp. 116-124

Toward the 100th Anniversary of S.P. Tolstov

On the Path to the “Ancient History of the Peoples of the USSR”: Lesser-Known Pages of S.P. Tolstov’s Scholarly Biography

pp. 125-144

Appendix: S.P. Tolstov’s article “Historical Roots of Friendship of Peoples of the USSR”; S.P. Tolstov’s Memo to the Department of Propaganda and Recruiting of TsK VKP(b)

pp. 145-166

A Great Scholar That Opened the Mamuna Academy to the World, or the Life Devoted to Science

pp. 167-171


Review of Kukovskaia kollektsiia Peterburgskoi Kunstkamery: problemy istochnikovedeniia i atributsii (St. Petersburg Kunstkamera’s Cook Collection: Problems of Studying Sources and Attribution ), by L.A. Ivanova. Moscow, 2005

pp. 172-174

Review of Korennye narody v protsesse sotsial’nykh izmenenii (Native Peoples in the Process of Social Change), by M.S. Kuropiatnik. St. Petersburg, 2005

pp. 174-178

Review of Russkii khutor (opyt etnosotsiologicheskogo issledovaniia sel’skoi glubinki) [Russian Khutor (An Ethnosociological Case Study of a Rural Province)], by A.A. Khagurov. Krasnodar, 2004

pp. 178-180

Review of Ladinische Einblicke. Erzählte Vergangenheit, erlebte Gegenwart in den ladinischen Dolomitentälern, by M. Forni. San Martin de Tor, 2005

pp. 180-182

Review of Narody Zapadnoi Sibiri: Khanty. Mansi. Sel’kupy. Nentsy. Entsy. Nganasany. Kety (Peoples of Western Siberia: Khanty. Mansi. Sel’kupy. Nentsy. Entsy. Nganasany.Kety), ed. by I.N. Gemuev, V.l. Molodin, Z.P. Sokolova. Moscow, 2005

pp. 182-187

On the Journal Website

pp. 187

In memoriam

Rostislav Vasilievich Kinzhalov

pp. 188-191


pp. 191