Number 3, 2007

Special Theme of the Issue

Anthropological Studies of Begging

(guest editor: M.L. Butovskaya)

Introduction: Begging as a Universal Phenomenon of Human Culture

pp. 3-11

Beggars as an Urban Subculture: The Stability of the Relationship between the Beggars and the Society in Historical Perspective

pp. 12-25

Beggary in Pre-Revolutionary Russia

pp. 26-38

Texts of Moscow Beggars

pp. 39-51

Schools, Approaches, Concepts

The Notion Ethnie in the French Scholarly Tradition and Its Political Use

pp. 52-73

Studies in Physical Anthropology

An Upper Paleolithic Finding from Arene Candide (Italy)

pp. 74-85

Ethnography of North America

The Ethnic Composition of Newcomers in “Russian America”

pp. 86-100

One Hundred Years in America: South Asians in the USA

pp. 101-116

Mongolian Studies

The Symbolism of “Black Horsemen” in Shamanic Songs of the Buryat

pp. 117-123

The Motherland Concept in the Culture of Mongolian Peoples

pp. 124-134

Notes and Surveys

Information on Information in Russian Ethnology

pp. 135-146

Agrarian Relations among the Balkar during the Second Half of the Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Centuries

pp. 147-156

Turkic-Speaking Greeks of the Azov Sea Region

pp. 157-161

Kinesic Movements in Korean Etiquette: Traditional Bow Chol’ and Its Versions

pp. 162-166


Review of Moskva rubezha XIX i XX stoletii. Vzgliad v proshloe izdaleka (Moscow at the Turn of the 19 th -20 th Centuries: A Look from Afar), ed. by P. II’in and B. Ruble. Moscow, 2004

pp. 167-169

Review of Teleutskii fol’klor (The Teleut Folklore), ed. by D.A. Funk. Moscow, 2004

pp. 169-173

Review of Feniks izpepla? Sibirskii shamanism na rubezhe tysiacheletii (A Phoenix from the Ashes? Siberian Shamanism at the Turn of the Millenium), by V.l. Kharitonova. Moscow, 2006

pp. 173-177

Review of Chuvashskii kostium ot drevnosti do sovremennosti (The Chuvash Dress from Old Days to the Present), by V.V. Nikolaev, G.N. Ivanov-Orkov, V.P. Ivanov. Moscow, etc., 2002

pp. 178-180

Review of Das Leben ist keine Himbeere: Perspektiven Jugendlicher in Kaliningrad, by К. Salein. Munster, 2003

pp. 180-183

Review of P.I. Kushner i razvitie sovetskoi etnografii v 1920-1950-e gody (P.I. Kushner and the Development of Soviet Ethnography in the 1920s-1950s), by S.S. Alymov. Moscow, 2006

pp. 183-185

On the Journal's Website

pp. 186

In memoriam

Boris Aleksandrovich Kaloev

pp. 187-190