Number 1, 2008

Special Theme of the Issue

Youth Subcultures of the Present Day Russia

(guest editor: D.V. Gromov)

Introduction: The Study of Youth Subcultures in Russia: The Current State of Research and Problems

pp. 3-7

Role-Playing Games: A Case of the “Subculture” Socialization

pp. 8-18

Street Theatre of the Youth Politics: Opposition Movements

pp. 19-29

“Regular Doodes”: Teenager-Youth Street Gangs of Moscow

pp. 30-41

Microeconomics of Youth Subcultures: Strategies of Poverty

pp. 42-55

Ideological and Territorial Communities of Youth: Megapolis, Town, Village

pp. 56-69

Ethnographic Studies of Central Asia

Sacred Trees of Khodzhi Baror: Phytolatry and the Cult of Female Deity in Central Asia

pp. 71-82

Contemporary Religious Consciousness of Russian Kazakhs and the Islam of Imams

pp. 83-96

Mourning Rites of Cleansing the Flouse and Lighting a Sacred Lantern among the Ismailites of Western Pamir

pp. 97-109

History of the Discipline

Toward a History of the “Permian Expedition” of U.T. Sirelius

pp. 110-117


Ethnicity and Federalism: The Case of Ethiopia

pp. 118-132

Problems of Self-Identification of Finns in Recent Literature

pp. 133-144

Symbolic and Signal Functions of Clothes and Household Objects in Wedding Rites among the Chuvash of the Ural-Povolzhie Region

pp. 145-162

Bulgarians and Aspects of Interethnic Relations in Eastern Rumelia in the Ottoman Rule Period (15th -17th Centuries)

pp. 163-175

Ethnogony of the Caucasus Peoples in Leonti Mroveli’s “Chronicles of Kartli Kings”

pp. 176-181


Review of Pravovoe regulirovanie semtino-brachnykh otnoshenii v russkoi istorii (Legal Regulation of Family and Marriage Relationships in Russian History), by N.S. Nizhnik. St. Petersburg, 2006

pp. 182-185

Review of Everyday Life in Central Asia: Past and Present. Ed. by J. Sahadeo, R. Zanca. Bloomington, 2007

pp. 186-189

Review of Migratsiia naseleniia Adzharii i etnodemograficheskie problemy v polietnichnom regione (Migration of the Population of Adzharia and Ethnodemographic Problems in the Multiethnic Region), by T. Putkaradze. Batumi, 2005

pp. 189-191