Number 1, 2009

Ethnography of Religion

Russian Orthodox Church and Problems of Identity, Religious Legislation and Human Rights in the Present Day Russia

pp. 3-13

“Muslim” Rites in the Tatar Everyday Life

pp. 13-26

Languages of Divine Service in the Secular Context of Contemporary Culture

pp. 27-38

The Buddhists of Today on the World and the Self

pp. 38-53

Christian Ecological Theology in Russia: Basic Approaches and Perspectives

pp. 53-60

Studies in Physical Anthropology

Variability of the Sexual Dimorphism in the Crania among Indigenous Populations of Northern and Central Asia

pp. 61-79

On Anthropological Variants of the Kazakh

pp. 79-93

Toward an Anthropology of the Earliest Population of the Korean Peninsula

pp. 94-99

History of Discipline

Krasnoiarsk Museum Ethnographer B.O. Dolgikh in 1937-1944

pp. 100-118


The Traditional Culture of Old-Believers of Vasiuganie as an Outcome of Ethnic Interactions

pp. 119-139

Contemporary Ethnic Mass Media as an Instrument of Consolidation of Ethnic Communities

pp. 139-153

On the Issue of Studying the Tatar Population of Northern Kazakhstan

pp. 154-164

Wedding rituals of Altai Urianghas

pp. 164-178

Reviews and Surveys

Review of Sotsial’ naia politika v sovremennoi Rossii: reformy i povsednevnost’ (Social Policy in Contemporary Russia: Reforms and the Everyday), ed. by P. Romanov, E. Yarskaia-Smirnova. Moscow, 2008

pp. 179-181

Review of Albantsy i ikh sosedi (Albanians and Their Neighbours), by Y.V. Ivanova. Moscow, 2006

pp. 181-184

Review of Severnyi Kavkaz v natsional’not strategii Rossii (Northern Caucasus in the Russian National Strategy), ed. by V.A. Tishkov. Moscow, 2008

pp. 184-187

On the Journal's Website

pp. 187

In memoriam

Vadim Petrovich Kurylev

pp. 188-190

Ahmed Islammagomedovich Islammagomedov

pp. 191-192