Number 3, 2009

Theoretical Issues

On the Issue of the Caste Exogamy

pp. 3-19

Identity and Culture

Aliens among Aliens: Is There an Orthodox Christian Jewish Identity?

pp. 20-35

Informal Youth of Ulan-Ude: Cultural Opposition

pp. 36-51

Folklore Studies

The State Academy of Art Science and Its Role in the History of Russian Folklore Studies of the 1920s

pp. 52-60

Folklore of the Chuvan

pp. 60-78

History of the Discipline

Breton Ethnology: From the Origins to the Present

pp. 78-100


From the History of the Family and Everyday Life of Abzhu Abkhazians (the 20th – Early 21st Centuries)

pp. 101-117

Genes and Nourishing Traditions

pp. 117-137

Development Centers and Particularities of the South Urals Architectural Carving

pp. 138-158

Made in Latvia: On the Issue of Ethnic and Cultural Specificity of National Brands

pp. 159-184


Review of Narody Nizhnego Amura i Sakhalina: Fotoal’bom (Peoples of the Lower Amur and Sakhalin: Photo Album), by A.V. Smoliak. Moscow, 2001; Traditsionnoe iskusstvo russkikh Evropeiskogo Severa: Etnograficheskii al’bom (Traditional Art of Russians of the European North: Ethnographic Album), by S.I. Dmitrieva. Moscow, 2006; Narody Zapadnoi Sibiri: Etnograficheskii al’bom (Peoples of Western Siberia: Ethnographic Album), by Z.P. Sokolova. Moscow, 2007

pp. 185-188

Review of Etnograficheskie nauchnye tsentry Zapadnoi Sibiri serediny XIX – nachala XXI veka: Omskii etnograficheskii tsentr (Western Siberia’s Ethnographic Scholarly Centers of the Mid-20th – Early 21st Centuries: Omsk Ethnographic Center), by I.V. Zakharova, N.A. Tomilov. Omsk, 2007

pp. 188-190

Review of Kul’ turologicheskie issledovaniia v Sibiri (Culturological Studies in Siberia), ed. by N.A. Tomilov. Omsk, 1999-2007

pp. 190-192

Review of Vaka Moana: Voyages of the Ancestors: The Discovery and Settlement of the Pacific, ed. by K.R. Howe. Honolulu, 2007

pp. 193-197

Review of Entsiklopedicheskii slovar’ russkogo detstva (Encyclopedic Dictionary of Russian Childhood), by S.B. Borisov. Vols. 1 – 2. Shadrinsk, 2008

pp. 197-200

Review of International Obligations and National Debates: Minorities around the Baltic Sea, ed. by S. Spiliopoulou Âkermark. Mariehamn, 2006

pp. 201-203

In memoriam

Pavel Ivanovich Puchkov

pp. 204-207


pp. 207