Number 1, 2010


Pushing the Scope of the Genre: Barbara Czarniawska, Hybrid Disciplines and Anthropology

pp. 3-6

Organization Process: How Is It to Be Studied and Written About

pp. 6-23

Studies of the Caucasus

Labor Migration: Economic Strategy and an Element of Social Life (the Case of Today’s Highland Dagestan)

pp. 24-32

From the History of Resettlement Movements in Dagestan: Kazi-Yurt’s Destiny

pp. 33-46

Religious Studies

Islamicized Shamanism among the Kazakh and Karagash Nogai of the Lower Volga River Area in the 19 lh and Early Twentieth Centuries

pp. 47-55

Orthodox Christianity among the Buryat

pp. 55-66

Anthropology of Colour

Gender Dimorphism in Color Terminologies of Peoples of the Caucasus

pp. 67-83

Chromatic Anthropology of Intellect

pp. 83-99


The Emergence of Uil’ta Writing in the 21st Century (What Is the Life of a Small Nationality’s Language There for?)

pp. 100-115

Anthropological Variants of the Japanes

pp. 116-131

The Issue of the Drinking Spreading among the Natives of the Russian America

pp. 131-141

The Development of Ethnography in Tuva

pp. 142-158

Genealogie Names among the Hani of Vietnam

pp. 158-165


VIII Congress of Ethnographers and Anthropologists of Russia (Orenburg, 1-5 july 2009)

pp. 166-170


Review of Nogaitsy: Osobennosti etnicheskoi istorii i bytovoi kul’tury (The Nogai: Specificities of Ethnic History and Everyday Life), by R.K. Kereitov. Stavropol’, 2009

pp. 171-175

Review of Musul’manskoe dukhovenstvo i vlast’ v Tatarstane (1920-1930-e gg.) (Muslim Clergy and Power in Tatarstan [1920s—30s]), by I.R. Mannullin. Kazan, 2006

pp. 175-177

Review of Leaves of the Same Tree: Trade and Ethnicity in the Straits of Melaka, by L.Y. Andaya. Honolulu, 2008

pp. 177-180

In memoriam

Marina Mansurovna Khasanova

pp. 181-186

Vladimir Rafailovich Kabo

pp. 187-191