Number 4, 2010

Special Theme of the Issue

Museum Anthropology

(guest editor - V.A. Shnirelman)

Introduction to a Discussion: Historical-Ethnographic Museum: Presenting a Tradition or Representing a Construct?

pp. 3-8

Museum and the Construction of Social Memory: A Cultural Studies Approach

pp. 8-26

Ethnographic Museum and the “Rationalization of a System”

pp. 26-43

The Boyar Everyday, the Russian Spirit, and the Mastering of the Past in a History Museum

pp.  43-51

Representation of the History and Culture of the Azov Region Greeks at the Donetsk Region Museums

pp. 51-59

Dardania Revived: The History of a New State in the Kosovo Museum Exposition

pp. 59-68

Arkaim Reservation: Particularities of the Relationship between the Museum and the Society

pp. 69-77

Reboot of Memory

pp. 78-91

European Language Charter and Russia

(guest editor - S.V. Sokolovski)

Introduction: The European Language Charter in Russia

pp. 92-94

On the International Experience of Implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages

pp. 94-102

Support for Language Diversity in the Russian Federation

pp. 102-115

Ways of Using Census Data for the Implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Russia

pp. 115-131

On the Present State of Languages of Smaller Turkic Peoples of Southern Siberia (in the Context of Applicability of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages)

pp. 132-140


Concepts of Light and New Generation of Children in Calendar Rites of the Russians. Christmas – New Year

pp. 141-157

Mother of God, Moscow, and Some Directions of Religious-Political Life of Russia

pp. 158-170

Orthodox Monastic Women Elders in Russia

pp. 171-188

The Contemporary Chinese’s Conceptions of the Russian People and Its Main Traits

pp. 189-200


Review of Lev Shternberg: Anthropologist, Russian Socialist, Jewish Activist, by S. Kan. Lincoln, 2009

pp. 200-204

Review of Byval’shchina: Byt i narodnye povestvovaniia lipovan Bukoviny (True Story Told: The Everyday and Folk Narratives of the Lipovans of Bucovina), by A. Anfimova. Bucharest, 2008

pp. 205-207

Review of Designs for an Anthropology of the Contemporary, by P. Rabinow, G.E. Marcus, J.D. Faubion, T. Rees. Durham; London, 2008

pp. 208-211

Review of Vizual’naia antropologiia: nastroika optiki (Visual Anthropology: Tuning the Optics), ed. by E. Yarskaia-Smirnova, P. Romanov. Moscow, 2009

pp. 211-214

Review of Kul’tura i byt avstroneziiskikh narodov (Istoriia kollektsii i ikh sobirateli) (The Culture and the Everyday of Austronesian Peoples [History of Collections and Their Collectors]). St. Petersburg, 2007

pp. 214-216

Review of Chechentsy i ingushi v Kazakhstane: Istoriia i sud’by (The Chechen and Ingush in Kazakhstan: History and Destinies), by Z.A. Yermekbaev. Almaty, 2009

pp. 217-218

Review of Chukotskii etnos: genesis i krizis (Chukotka Ethnos: Genesis and Crisis), by T.A. Brachun, V.K. Sakhibgoriaev. Magadan, 2009

pp. 219-221