Number 2, 2010

Anthropological Studies

The Stability and Adequacy of Taxonomic Nomenclature Related to the Early Stages of Evolution of the Homo Genus

pp. 3-14

An Odontometric Analysis of Paleo-Data for the Period “Upper Paleolith – the Present”. In the Center and at the Edges of the Field

pp. 15-25

Once Again on Paleoanthropological Findings in Kostenki

pp. 26-40


Toward the Problem of Forming Groups of Russians in the Voronezh Region

pp. 41-55

The Phenomenon of School Harassment: Aggressors and Victims in Russian School

pp. 55-68

Symbiosis of the Ethnic and the Confessional in the Contemporary Culture of the Tatar

pp. 69-83

Sports Culture of the Peoples: From Tradition to Traditionalism

pp. 83-96

Portrait of a Scholar

N.N. Michoutouchkine and the Exhibition “Ethnography and the Art of Oceania” (Toward the 80th Anniversary)

pp. 97-110

How the Ethnic History of Eurasia Was Comprehended (Remembering R.G. Kuzeev)

pp. 110-119

Archive Studies

A New Archival Source for Studying the Shors Culture of the Mid-Twentieth Century

pp. 120-137

V.G. Bogoraz’s Letters from the Sibiriakov Expedition

pp. 138-149

Materials on Povolzhie Peoples in Letters to N.I. Il’minskii

pp. 149-158


Review of Ocherki russkoi narodnoi kul’tury (Essays in Russian Folk Culture), ed. By I.V. Vlasova. Moscow, 2009

pp. 159-163

Review of Antropologiia akademicheskoi zhizni: adaptivnye protsessy i adaptivnye strategii (Anthropology of Academic Life: Adaptive Processes and Adaptive Strategies), ed. by G.A. Komarova. Moscow, 2008

pp. 163-166

African Tariqahs and Their Study in Russian Scholarship: An Ethnographer’s View

pp. 166-169

Review of Åke Daun. Med rörligt sökarljus. Den nya etnologins framväxt under 1960- och 1970- talet. En personlig tidsskildring. Stockholm, 2003

pp. 170-172

In memorium

Alexander Borisovich Dzadziev

pp. 173-175