Number 3, 2010

Special Theme of the Issue

"Our" Ethnographer in the Russian Sacred "Field"

(guest editor - V.I. Kharitonova)

Introduction: Guardians and Researchers of the Sacred Culture: Dialogue or Confrontation?

pp. 3-7

Working with Sacred Knowledge and Practices: The Methodologica Aspect

pp. 7-21

The Dialogue of “Us” and “Others” in the Ethnographic Field

pp. 21-31

Notions of the Reincarnation of Souls in the Traditional Culture of the Kyzym Khanty

pp. 32-43

Nenets Woman in Science: On the Specificity of Studying the Sacred Realm

pp. 44-53

“Whose Are You?” (The Specificity of Fieldwork among the Kalmyk in Connection with the Issue of Self-Identification)

pp. 54-65


Artifacts of the Traditional Everyday-Life Culture of the Bukhara Jews in Museum Collections: The Particularities of Fulfillment

pp. 66-76

Spatial Behavior of Children and Teenagers (the Cases of Russians and Ossetians)

pp. 77-91

“The First Contact” Through the Eyes of the Aborigines of the Canadian Subarctic – tipachimuna and atanukana

pp. 92-106

Identity in Fashion: Identification Mechanisms in the Semiotic Field of the Glossy Magazine

pp. 107-119

History of the Discipline

S.A. Tokarev: The Beginning of the Career

pp. 120-133


Some Aspects of the Religious Life of the Jews of the Middle Povolzhie

pp. 134-145


Some Key Issues of Studying Hunter-Gatherers in the Context of General Theory of Evolution of Archaic Societies: A Review of Koleno Isava: Okhotniki, sobirateli, rybolovy (opyt izucheniia al’ternativnykh sotsial’nykh sistem), by O.Y. Artemova. Moscow, 2009

pp. 146-155

Five Years Later: Review of Ten Issues of the Antropologicheskii forum Journal

pp. 156-158

Review of Liudi Severa: prava na resursy i ekspertiza (Peoples of the North: Rights to Resources and the Expertise), ed. by N.I. Novikova. Moscow, 2008

pp. 158-160

Review of Traditsionnaia meditsinskaia kul’tura narodov evropeiskogo severo-vostoka (konets XIX-XX vv.) (Traditional Medicine Culture of Peoples of the European North-East [the Late 19th – 20th centuries]), by I.V. Il’ina. Syktyvkar, 2008

pp. 161-164

Review of Russkii Kharbin (Russian Harbin), by O.G. Goncharenko. Moscow, 2009

pp. 164-166

Review of Cherkesskie dnevniki (Circassian Diaries), by Simon Dzhanashia. Tbilisi, 2007

pp. 167-170

Review of From Distant Tales: Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Highlands of Sumatra. Newcastle upon Tube, 2009

pp. 170-173

With a 100-Year Interval. Review of Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa. The History of the Incas [1572] / Trans, and ed. by B.S. Bauer, V. Smith, with introduction by B.S. Bauer and J.-J. Decoster. Austin, 2007

pp. 173-175