Number 1, 2011

Special Theme of the Issue

Anthropology of Food

(guest editor — M. E. Kabitskii)

Anthropology of Food and Nutrition Today

pp. 3-7

The Map of Food Culture of Peoples of the World

pp. 7-16

Bread and Festivities in Sicily

pp. 17-27

Funeral Meals in Italy

pp.  27-37

The Present Day Market of Halal Meat Products among the Tatar

pp. 37-47

The 16-18th Centuries Ship Food and Grocery Biases of the Pirates

pp. 48-66

A History of Ethnological and Social Anthropological Study of Food and Nutrition: A Brief Survey

pp. 67-74

Ethnography of Gypsies

Problems of Integration of Gypsies into the Latvian Society

pp. 75-88

Gypsies: Ethnic-Cultural Minority in the Finnish Society

pp. 88-97

The Relevant Aspects of Studying the Early History of Gypsies (Proto-Gypsies) in the General Indological and Roma Studies Field

pp. 98-113

Ethnographic Mosaics

Contemporary Currency Bills as Representations of Ideological Functions of the State Power (PRC, the Fourth Emission, 1987-1999)

pp. 114-130

The Notion of “Russian Harbinians” and Its Present Day Meaning

pp. 131-145

Ethnographic Semantics of Fashion

pp. 145-157

Wartime Folklore – an Important Source for Studying the Mentality of Soldiers of the Second World War

pp. 157-167

The “Russian Polynesian” Aloi’ Pilioko (Toward the 75th Anniversary)

pp. 167-180


Review of Koryo saram: kto mi? (Ocherki istorii koreycev) (Koryo-saram: who are we? (Essays on the Korean history)), by V.S. Han. Bishkek, 2009

pp. 181-183

Review of Paleodemografia Srednei Azii (Paleodemography of Central Asia), by Т.К. Hodzhajov, A.V. Gromov. Moscow, 2009

pp. 183-186

In memoriam

Natalya Romanovna Guseva

pp. 187-189

Nikolay Dmitrievich Konakov

pp. 190-191