Number 2, 2011

Ethnographic Studies of Central Asia

Khoresmians on the Move

pp. 3-15

Ismailism in Independent Tajikistan: Revival and Reform

pp. 16-27

From the History of Pamir Studies: Three Expeditions of Count A.A. Bobrinskii

pp. 27-43

The Cult of “Momo” and Related Rites in the Uzbek Folklore

pp. 44-50


Russian Fasting Practices as Witnessed by Foreigners (XV-XVIII Centuries)

pp. 51-66

Russian Identity in a History Textbook of the Prerevolutionary Period by D.I. Ilovaiskii

pp. 67-74

Peculiarities of Vertical Social Mobility of the Creole Population in Russian America

pp. 74-89

“Attributive Style” and the Problem of Alcohol Addiction and Suicide among Numerically Small Peoples of the North and Siberia

pp. 89-106

The Sacred Topography of Juchi Ulus

pp. 107-115

Chinese Migrants in Russia: Problems of Adaptation and Tolerance

pp. 116-129

Tagaeri and Taromenane: On the Issue of Isolated Indian Groups in Eastern Ecuador

pp. 129-139

Martial Arts of the Caroline Islands Micronesians as an Important Aspect of Their Social and Cultural Life

pp. 139-148

The Adyghe of the North-West Caucasus Foothills in 14th-18th Centuries (On Data from Burial Mounds of the Middle Abin River Area)

pp. 149-156


Review of Rossiiskii narod: Kniga dlia uchitelia (The Russian People: Book for a Teacher), by V.A. Tishkov. Moscow, 2010

pp. 157-160

Review of Narody severovostochnoi Evrazii v XIX i XX vv. (Peoples of North-Western Eurasia in the 19th and 20th Centuries), by V.V. Karlov. Moscow, 2010. A.V. Tutorskii

pp. 161-163

Review of Pervobytnoe obshchestvo: uchebnoe posobie (Primitive Society: A Textbook), by G.E. Markov. Moscow, 2009

pp. 163-165

Review of Atlas geopolitique du Caucase. Russie, Georgie, Armenie, Azerbaidjan: urt avenlr communpossible?, by J. Radvanyi, N. Beroutchachvili. P., 2009, 2010

pp. 165-169

Review of El Caribe precolombino. Fray Ramon Pane у el universe taino. Barcelona, 2008

pp. 170-173

Review of Severnaia Amerika i Sibir’ v kontse XVI- seredine XVIII v. Ocherk sravnitel’noi istorii kolonizatsii (North America and Siberia in the End of the 16th – Middle of the 18th Century: Essay in Comparative History of Colonization), by Y.G. Akimov. St. Petersburg, 2010

pp. 173-176

Review of A Hallucinogenic Tea, Laced with Controversy: Ayahuasca in the Amazon and the United States, by M. Dobkin de Rios, R. Rumrrill. Westport, 2008

pp. 176-179

Litovskaia etnograficheskaia kollektsiia v Rossiiskom Etnograficheskom Muzee: Review of Staraia Litva: Vystavka v Natsional ‘пот muzee Litvy 17.09.2009-30.11.2009 (Old Lithuania: An Exhibition in the National Museum of Lithuania, 17.09.2009-30.11.2009), ed. by O.M. Fishman. St. Petersburg, Vilnius, 2009

pp. 180-183

In memoriam

Foat Tach-Akhmetovich Valeev

pp. 184-186

Liolia Zamakhsherievna Kunizheva

pp. 187-188

Ikromiddin Mukhiddinov

pp. 189-191